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Volunteer In Israel

If you are interested in putting hands and feet to your love for Israel you’re at the right place! We are looking for willing hands and hearts to serve. If that’s you, read on, we’ve got a place for you! -SCROLL DOWN TO SUBMIT YOUR VOLUNTEER APPLICATION REQUEST FOR 2015- NOTE: If you are thinking […]



PAYPAL / CREDIT CARD   CLICK HERE for info on our “LAY THE TRACKS” monthly support drive!     REOCCURRING DONATIONS Do you need to cancel your monthly donation? Follow this link.     MAILING ADDRESS HaYovel P.O. Box 643 Franklin, TN 37065 ——————- HaYovel is a non-profit (501-C3) organization and registered with the IRS […]



CHECK BACK OFTEN! To find out firsthand what’s happening during the harvest!



The Biblical Heartland Spotlight

  • The Joshua and Caleb Report – Episode #7

    Avraham was born during World War Two in the heart of New York City. Growing up, he did not have a connection to the Bible or the Land of Israel, and was more interested in driving BMW motorcycles and Ferari race cars. When he was 23 years old however, he bought a ticket on a […]

  • Israel You’re Not Alone – Official Music Video!

    Following in the footsteps of I Believe, HaYovel’s next music video is one that follows a slightly different path than its predecessor, and transcends doctrine by raising up Christians from all over the world, who make their own declarations by standing with Israel.   With the turmoil currently happening in Israel, Zac Waller was recently inspired […]

  • The Joshua and Caleb Report – Episode #5

    Want to know what a difference one visit to summer camp can make in the heart of a young boy? Yonaton Behar was originally from the United States, but moved to Israel as a young man, after one life changing summer planted the seed. His family became one of the original settler families that moved […]

  • New Song! “Israel You’re Not Alone”

    With all the turmoil going on in God’s Holy Land, Zac Waller was inspired to write a song.  A music video is in the works!  Your donations help us create pro-Israel videos and songs like this.  Be encouraged and make a stand for Israel! Free Electronic Press Kits from ReverbNation.com

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    From the Front Lines of Operation Protective Edge…

    This is one event that you don’t want to miss!   CLICK HERE at 6:15 PM CST on Sunday, August 3rd Spread the word! Forward this email, call everyone you know and Download THE FLYER, print it and post it EVERYWHERE!! More about Jeremy Long time friend of HaYovel, and most recently, injured IDF soldier from the […]

  • The Joshua and Caleb Report – Episode #4

    In the midst of turmoil happening in the land of Israel right now, the next episode in the Joshua and Caleb Report series is sure to bless you! Erez Ben-Sadon is one of the most dedicated and encouraging men that we know, and is one of the vineyard owners that we are privileged to help […]

  • Join us for the Harvest Video!

    The harvest is quickly approaching, and now is the time to make your plans to be on the mountains of Samaria this fall! Registration is open, and we look forward to seeing the people that God is going to bring to the Heartland of Israel this year! We’re expecting a triple harvest, so we need your […]