Dad-1Tommy Waller, Founder

Tommy was born and raised in the great State of Tennessee, where he met and married his perfect match, Sherri. Following college, he applied his strong work ethic to the corporate world, where he climbed the ladder to upper management with Federal Express. After 13 years there, followed by a year’s detour in private business, he decided to invest more of his personal and business resources back into his growing family.

The Wallers moved to a small Amish/Mennonite community, where they lived “off-grid” without electricity and running water while learning organic farming methods. With parents and children working side-by-side, they made a success of their family farm, overseeing every aspect, from seed to harvest and sale. During their years on the farm, the family’s hearts were inspired to somehow use their unique combination of business knowledge and agricultural skills to bless the nation of Israel.

In 2004, Tommy made an exploratory trip to Israel and saw some needs for help he was sure his family could meet. A year later, HaYovel was established, with the mission of facilitating the prophetic restoration of Israel through support of small independent farmers in the heartland.

The Waller family’s story has been told through several newspapers and professional cameras. In 2005, Franklin Springs Media beautifully captured the family in their award-winning documentary “A Journey Home.”

Today, Tommy lives a new adventure every day. He is known by many throughout the US, Israel and the world as a man of integrity and faith, whose focus is on the eternal investments of family and Israel. So many are thankful he was not afraid to take the bold steps into the unknown that would impact Israel and the nations forever.


Sherri Waller, Co-founder

Sherri is a dynamic woman of faith who has become a passionate advocate of Restorations – namely the restoration of families and the restoration of the nation of Israel! Her background includes college and seven years in a successful business career. Sherri then made a life-changing decision to dedicate herself to a greater enterprise – investing fully into her family and the lives of her children. Her refocus has paid great dividends, and this energetic mother of eleven has influenced women worldwide through her example and testimony of faith, as documented in the film “A Journey Home.”

She has worked tirelessly, hand-in-hand with her husband Tommy and their children, for a return to Biblical patterns of marriage, family and Israel as a people and a nation. Sherri is a true Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 woman who shows God’s love in practical ways, through her hard-working hands and gentle words. She inspires many others by her reflection of God’s love and her peaceful countenance.

A Journey Home

Journey Home Documentary

This award-winning documentary by Franklin Springs Media tells the Waller family’s story leading up to the beginning of their work in Israel in 2005.

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