Our Staff


Tommy Waller serves as President & Founder of HaYovel. He is also Head Elder, leading teachings and devotionals. Tommy is in the process of writing a book detailing his journey over the past ten years. He meets frequently with politicians and leaders in the U.S. and Israel, always seeking to connect people to the Land of the Living: Israel. Sherri Waller is a busy full-time wife to Tommy, and mother to their eleven children, seven of whom are married – Brayden, Zac, Joshua, Caleb, Nate, Victoria and Olivia. Younger siblings Havah, Britt, Tessa, and Mack Tanner are faithfully serving in many capacities, contributing to the family calling wherever they can.


Brayden Waller functions as our Camp Shepherd during Harvest and Pruning in Israel. He and his wife Tali speak fluent Hebrew and host our yearly Hebrew course in the U.S. They are both gifted singers and musicians, putting Scriptures to music, writing songs and leading recording projects. Brayden and Tali have been blessed with four lovely children so far.

Zac & Becca

Zac Waller is the Executive Director. Zac and his faithful wife Becca together tune their ears heavenward to plan and lay out every step and each new season. Zac and Becca pour themselves into the logistics each year for Harvest, Pruning, Family Week, and other HaYovel events. They are the proud parents of four fun little boys.


Joshua Waller serves as Director of Operations for the busy Harvest and Pruning seasons. He maintains ongoing communication with vineyard owners and plans work days, coordinating team efforts with staff. Outside Israel, he travels the world, speaking on behalf of HaYovel and singing to encourage people everywhere to make a stand for the Land of Israel and the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


Caleb Waller is HaYovel’s Director of Public Relations. As a tour host and key spokesperson for the organization, he has helped to recruit thousands of people from around the world to come to Israel and has educated many more on the importance of standing in support of Israel – the people and the land. He is known among his family and peers as an unstoppable visionary. Caleb is a dedicated husband to his wife Kendra, and a loving father to his growing family of four beautiful girls.

Nate & Katie

Nate Waller fills many roles. He is Head of Security, both stateside and in Israel. He is also in charge of making sure all of the volunteers have a place to stay, constantly researching housing options. In his spare time, he is also the handyman, and is generally behind most maintenance projects that happen in Missouri and Israel. He diligently works at whatever needs to be done at any given time. He and his wife Katie are blessed with two beautiful children.


Randy and Lynne Hilton are HaYovel’s U.S. Office Managers. Lynne handles hundreds of volunteer applications and interviews each year, and answers dozens of emails and phone calls daily. Randy processes the volunteer visas and assists Lynne with applications. Their children Josiah, Caroline, and Justin help with administrative tasks.

Luke & Olivia

Luke Hilton serves as Marketing Director. He manages all information that HaYovel sends out: social media, website, emails, advertising, graphic design, photography, and media, as well as HaYovel products. His wife Olivia is a full-time wife and mother to little Aliza, and along the way, she assists Luke with creative ideas. She also helps with kitchen planning for events and programs.


Ben Hilton is our Media Director and Videographer. He is in charge of filming and editing all of the videos we produce. He spends countless hours behind the camera and at his computer, contributing his talents to the cause of Zion.


Aaron Murphy serves as Director of Transportation in Israel. He organizes all of our vehicle rentals, as well as specific transportation details each day of the Harvest, for both work and tour days. He also helps with maintenance on the base in Israel. Stateside, Aaron is Chairman of the Application Review Committee, processing volunteer applications. He also travels the world inspiring listeners to focus their attention, efforts and resources on Israel.


Nick Parsons – Every organization needs its own “tech guy,” and Nick Parsons is the man for the job! Nick is an excellent webmaster and web designer; he does an amazing job managing the website and keeping everything up-to-date. Nick also serves as a counselor for our summer Intern Program, and helps coordinate transportation for the Harvest season.


Andrew Parsons spends most of his time in the Marketing Department. He assists Ben with filming/editing videos and manages HaYovel’s blog and Twitter accounts. Drew also ensures that our donors get the attention that they deserve by communicating with them in a timely manner and keeping their information up to date in our database. He also helps coordinate transportation for the Harvest season.


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