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The Joshua and Caleb Report – Episode #7

Avraham was born during World War Two in the heart of New York City. Growing up, he did not have a connection to the Bible or the Land of Israel, and was more interested in driving BMW motorcycles and Ferari race cars. When he was 23 years old however, he bought a ticket on a boat headed for Israel and landed a short time later in Haifa.
Today, he is living in the hills of Samaria shepherding sheep and goats, something that he’s been doing for the last 40 years! Be inspired by the next episode, Avraham Herzlich, in the Joshua and Caleb Report Series. 
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The Joshua and Caleb Report – Episode #6

If you were inspired by the first episode with Erez Ben Sa’adon, this next edition will leave you hanging onto the edge of your seat. Erez’s stories of God’s goodness and faithfulness are encouraging and challenging for all!
If you’ve been encouraged by the stories of the courageous people living in the heartland of Israel, zealously living out God’s Word on a a day to day basis, consider becoming a part! 
HaYovel is on a fundraising campaign to provide the supplies needed for Harvest 2014. You can become actively involved in building up the mountains of Samaria today!
Click Here to give now on our YouCaring fundraising campaign page, and to keep track of our progress.
We’re almost halfway to our goal! Become a partner today!

Israel You’re Not Alone
Now Available to Buy!

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Harvest Developments – Action Needed!

We know that many of you Israel supporters are looking for ways to turn your burning desire to support Israel into something more than just words and feelings, you want to take action.  We would like to bring that longing in your heart to reality.

This year, 500 volunteers from all over the globe, have responded to the call to serve the Jewish people living in Judea and Samaria.  They are giving their time and resources to stand with Israel and bring reparation to the broken relationship between Jews and Christians.  They want to take part in the fulfillment of 3000 year old prophecies and they want to impact the world by taking an accurate, positive message from Israel back to their home countries.


We have good news!   You can take an active part in these incredible things, too!  We want to make the work in Israel as impactful as we possibly can.  There are a few tools that we need in order to accomplish that.  We need emergency medical equipment, reliable high speed internet, security cameras and professional communication equipment.  Open THIS DOCUMENT to see pictures and exact information about each item.

If you would like to donate towards a certain item, send us an email letting us know exactly what you want to give towards.

The work is going forward.  Your donations determine the level of our success.  Thank you!

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Israel You’re Not Alone – Official Music Video!

Following in the footsteps of I Believe, HaYovel’s next music video is one that follows a slightly different path than its predecessor, and transcends doctrine by raising up Christians from all over the world, who make their own declarations by standing with Israel.


With the turmoil currently happening in Israel, Zac Waller was recently inspired by the words “Israel, you’re not alone“. As Christians living in the USA or around the world, we often feel that we must do something literal to help Israel, but at times feel helpless. How can we physically show our support? What can we do today?


With these thoughts in mind, Zac took the pen and began to write. A short while later, a song entitled “Israel, You’re Not Alone” was ready for the next step.


Feeling a challenge to release this song immediately, due to it’s timely theme, Zac recorded a few scratch tracks on his own and then took the song to Nashville, TN. Within just a few days, a fully recorded, mixed, and mastered song was produced by a top quality studio in country music’s capital of the world.


The next challenge was how to present this song to Israel and the nations. Using the small window of time at hand, our faithful media team took their cameras to downtown Nashville and rural Franklin, TN, and in less than half a day (and less than 48 hours before Zac and team were scheduled to fly to Israel), filmed a beautiful music video.


Then came the international part! We contacted friends from the UK, Australia, South Africa, Canada and the USA to participate in this project by recording videos of themselves and their friends and families, showing their support for Israel. In just a short time, we had a beautiful picture of the nations of the world tangibly standing and proclaiming their message to Israel’s land and people, that they are truly not alone. Thank you to all who participated!


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, let us introduce you to the song and music video entitled “Israel, You’re Not Alone”!

The Joshua and Caleb Report – Episode #5

Want to know what a difference one visit to summer camp can make in the heart of a young boy? Yonaton Behar was originally from the United States, but moved to Israel as a young man, after one life changing summer planted the seed. His family became one of the original settler families that moved to Har Bracha (Mt. of Blessing), and Yonaton has been a key player in the building up of the heartland of Israel. He has a fascinating story that he shares with us, here – full of history, zeal and the joy of fulfilling the word of God!


We know that you will be engaged and blessed by this episode of The Joshua and Caleb Report.


Did you miss the Livestream of Jeremy Gimpel and  Leehy Shaar?  Watch the recorded video here!
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