Take Hold and Act for the Kingdom! Will You Invest in the Restoration of God's Kingdom Back to Israel? Help us be the most effective that we can be in this crucial time - every dollar you give right now is doubled by generous matching donors! Matching donor campaign running only until December 31st. x

Your Role in the Restoration of Israel’s Heartland

You’re reading this because you haven’t turned your back on Israel.

The rest of the world slanders Israel and spews lies and myths about her history and destiny. Her enemies throw molotov cocktails and shoot her citizens. Even the United Nations furthers the false narrative that Israel is somehow at fault for simply surviving.

But you know the truth. You know that God’s presence has never left the land of Israel and its heartland regions of Judea and Samaria. You want to remind the world that this place is a divine gift. Home to the world’s leading innovation in agriculture and technology.

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That’s why your donation to HaYovel will go directly to igniting Christians around the world to stand up and support Israel.

Because of you, Christian groups will visit and serve the land. They will volunteer with small independent farmers in Israel’s heartland. And they will return to their homes around the world, trained and equipped to take the Joshua and Caleb Report back to the nations.

Because of you, Christians from all over the globe will see for themselves: this is indeed a land flowing with milk and honey.


Your donation to HaYovel means that more Christians will come to Judea and Samaria, volunteer in its’ agriculture, and go back to their homes to tell the story of the Heartland to the world. Your donation will help educate HaYovel representatives so that they experience the truth about what is happening on the ground, not what is happening in the news. Together, we absolutely can reclaim Israel’s narrative!


But this prophetic vision won’t happen without you. We can only spread our message of faith one messenger at a time. That’s why we’re turning to you – someone who cares about Israel and wants to see its holy restoration – to help.

Plus, giving to HaYovel is smart philanthropy. Thanks to a group of generous donors, each dollar you donate to this campaign will be doubled. That means TWICE the impact in strengthening Israel. TWICE the impact in correcting the false claims against her. TWICE the impact in standing up for what you believe in.

But you have to act quickly. Only donations received by December 31st, 2016 will be matched. Please give and help restore the holy Kingdom back to Israel.



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