Save These Dates!

Got Hebrew?
Save The Date For Ulpan!

If you have ever wanted to learn Hebrew, the holy language, your opportunity is coming! Ulpan (Hebrew language class) is coming to the HaYovel base in Missouri December 6thJanuary 29th.

Stay tuned for more details and registration.


Click HERE to see memories from pruning 2014.
Stay tuned to your email for more details and application information
for the next pruning trip, January 19th – March 15th, 2016.

Make plans now to join an amazing group of men on the mountains of Israel for pruning 2016!

Housing Help Needed
What is a Flat Pack Anyway?

Do you support the work of HaYovel on the mountains of Judea & Samaria? Click HERE to learn how Flat Packs will benefit volunteers for many years to come.

Psst! Wanna see a sneak preview?


Watch the newest Joshua & Caleb Report preview above!

Twelve spies went into the Land of Israel. Ten spies came back with a bad report, but two, Joshua and Caleb, came back with a good report from the Land.

In the Joshua and Caleb Reports, you’ll find real stories about real people. You will connect with Judea and Samaria, the heartland of Israel, and you’ll connect with the people who live there.

Watch your email for an announcement as we roll out an exciting new webpage specifically for the next edition of The Joshua and Caleb Report!


Are you a harvester?

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Harvesters Top 10

How you can spot a former HaYovel harvester…

10. They keep Hebrew language study materials within reach

  9. They make frequent references to their “flexibility number”

  8. They wear grins that grow bigger, leading up to Shabbat

  7. They get nostalgic at the thought of 4:00 AM breakfast (and they            think granola is the best breakfast EVER!)

  6. Having dirty shoes doesn’t bother them (they might even “show             favor” to their dust)

  5. They insist that Shabbat can only be celebrated properly with “holy       wine”

  4. When hearing the Bible read aloud, they are prone to interject,               “I’ve been there!” and continue with intricate descriptions of the             terrain

  3. They show marked reluctance to take vacations anywhere other            than Israel

  2. They joyfully anticipate the return of the Bridegroom for His bride

  1. They can’t wait to go back!

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Future Harvesters Top 5

How you can spot a potential HaYovel harvester…

  5. They have a love for Israel and the Jewish people

  4. They like spending time in their garden

  3. They enjoy Bible-centered learning, fellowship and worship

  2. They have an appreciation for the Torah and prophetic books of           Scripture

  1. They have a servant’s heart!

(These aren’t all prerequisites, though; you can also develop them in the Land!)

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