Jeremy Gimpel Speaking this Sunday Night in Nashville – EVENT WILL BE LIVESTREAMED!!!

Jeremy Speaking in Nashville Next Sunday
Watch Via Livestream from Anywhere in the World!


We strongly encourage you to come to the Music City Sheraton to not only hear one of the most inspiring speakers in the world, but also to make your stand for and with the land and people of Israel.

When: Sunday, February 22nd, @ 6:00PM
Where: Music City Sheraton Ballroom
777 McGavock Pike
Nashville, TN 37214
Doors open at 5:30PM
If you’re not able to make it to the event,  we will be live streaming the whole evening! Watch the pre-release of Jeremy’s Joshua and Caleb Report episode, Jeremy’s keynote speech, and much more, all via High Definition, multi-camera livestream! At 5:30PM on Sunday, click here to join the livestream.



Exclusive to Sunday’s Event

Pre-Releasing Special Jeremy Gimpel Episode

Before Jeremy’s keynote speech, we will be showing a brand new, unreleased episode of Season 2 of the

Joshua and Caleb Report. Straight from Jeremy’s home in Israel, this story encompasses the world before landing directly in Judea and Samaria. Jeremy’s grandfather walked from Russia to Israel, his father won a football scholarship through a Baptist Bible college in Louisianna, and ultimately, his entire family made their own return to the land of Israel, where they’ve been ever since. You won’t want to miss this inspiring story!
Sunday evening will be the first release of the Joshua and Caleb Report, Season 1 on DVD! Come to obtain your very own copy of ten courageous stories, direct from the heartland of Israel! Click Here to watch the teaser.


The Joshua and Caleb Report now on DVD!
Join us Sunday to obtain your own copy!

Shmita – The Sabbatical Year

This past year has been quite an interesting and educational journey – a journey into the complexity and wonder of the sabbatical year of Israel. It is a year-long season of rest for the land, provision for the poor, and most importantly, an acknowledgement that HaShem is the Creator and our sole Source of provision. In Hebrew, this season is called “Shmita.”

My hope is to take you on a quick tour of this learning-about-Shmita path we have been traveling. The journey has been a very serious one, knowing that none of these decisions (about what is or is not to be done during Shmita) are lightweight and easy.

The first question is “What is the Shmita?”

To answer this question, let’s dive into our source of truth and direction – the Bible.

Leviticus 25:1-7:  “And the Lord spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai, saying, 2 “Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them: ‘When you come into the land which I give you, then the land shall keep a sabbath to the Lord. 3 Six years you shall sow your field, and six years you shall prune your vineyard, and gather its fruit; but in the seventh year there shall be a sabbath of solemn rest for the land, a sabbath to the Lord. You shall neither sow your field nor prune your vineyard. 5 What grows of its own accord of your harvest you shall not reap, nor gather the grapes of your untended vine, for it is a year of rest for the land. 6 And the sabbath produce of the land shall be food for you: for you, your male and female servants, your hired man, and the stranger who dwells with you, 7 for your livestock and the beasts that are in your land-all its produce shall be for food.” (New King James Version)

In verses four and five, we see that sowing seed, pruning and harvesting are not permissible during the Shmita. Verses six and seven say that everyone should eat all of the fruit. Obviously, this begs the question, “How do you eat something that hasn’t been picked?”

Let’s take a look at another scripture about the Shmita.

Exodus 23:10-11 “Six years you shall sow your land and gather in its produce, 11 but the seventh year you shall let it rest and lie fallow, that the poor of your people may eat; and what they leave, the beasts of the field may eat. In like manner you shall do with your vineyard and your olive grove.

In this passage, we see that the Shmita is a special time of provision for the poor. It also seems to contradict the previous verses, that read as if harvesting should not be done.

A couple of simple conclusions, based on these verses, would be:
1. Pruning is definitely forbidden during the Shmita;
2. Certain types of harvesting are forbidden, while others are permissible – and these are not just permissible, but are considered a very special blessing of provision by HaShem, for the poor.

In today’s world, it is difficult for the farmers to make the Shmita fruit available to the poor. They have developed a system where the grapes are harvested, made into wine, labeled as “Shmita wine,” and sold at cost. There are special rules about who is to be considered “poor,” and whether they are qualified to purchase the Shmita wine. Wine for Shabbat and holy days can be quite an expense – even for families who aren’t so poor!

One of the first huge realizations for us, in our learning, was how VERY seriously the Jewish people take the Shmita. They won’t cut flowers for Shabbat, and when they eat Shmita produce, there are all sorts of amazing things that they do, in order to sanctify this year.

After much consideration and weighing of evidence, we have decided not to bring volunteers into Israel to help with the pruning, but we will gather all those who are willing to humbly serve and bless Israel – and particularly, her poor – during the Shmita Harvest, 2015.

For Zion’s Sake,

Zac Waller

Click Here to submit an application request to volunteer for the Shmita Harvest 2015.

Jeremy Gimpel Speaking in Nashville!

Jeremy Gimpel will be the keynote speaker Sunday evening, February 22nd, at 6:00PM at the Music City Sheraton ballroom in Nashville, TN.

Doors open at 5:30. Admission is free!

Jeremy is a Commander in the IDF Reserves, rabbi, former co-host of the popular TV show “Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem,” and current co-host of the radio show “Israel Inspired” with his best friend Ari Abramowitz on Voice of Israel. Jeremy is deputy director of the World Mizrachi Movement, and is a well-known and sought after speaker concerning the land and people of Israel. You won’t want to miss this inspiring night!
More details coming. Mark it on your calendar now!

To kick off the evening with Jeremy Gimpel, we will be showing an all new episode that we were recently privileged to film in Jeremy’s home, in Israel. Jeremy shares fascinating family stories with us. He talks of his grandfather’s long walk to Israel and his father’s arrival, penniless, in America, to work his way through a Baptist college in Alabama. He alsoshares the story of how his family ultimately journeyed back to the land of Israel. You don’t want to miss it.
Showing is exclusive to this event!

Also Exclusive to this Event
We will be releasing The Joshua and Caleb Report, Season 1 DVD set at Sunday evening’s event. Packaged in a beautiful case of two DVDs, the set will include 10 full length episodes, the official Joshua and Caleb Report teaser and trailer, plus both of HaYovel’s music videos, “I Believe” and “Israel, You’re Not Alone.”

New HaYovel Base!!!

We have been abundantly blessed this year by your fervent prayers, letters of encouragement, volunteer efforts and donations. It has been an amazing year. So many accomplishments, achievements and successes – all made possible by your generous support!


We have some BIG NEWS! After receiving a flood of responses to our search for a base for HaYovel, the Father has provided a place! Thank you all for taking time to research and send us information, and for your prayers for the Father’s direction. We are now in the process of purchasing 65 acres, 6 houses, 5 apartments, a church and a school – complete with dorms and a commercial kitchen in Missouri!!!



CLICK HERE to view the listing of the property.


We are very excited about this new season and look forward to seeing how the Father will use this amazing new jewel in His hands.  There will be start up costs, ongoing maintenance and monthly expenses. Your financial support is greatly appreciated.

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