Harvester's Testimonies – Video!

Some sold homes and left jobs. Some used all of their vacation time. Some worked all year just to save enough money. Many have stories of miraculous provision. All have sacrificed something.


Each and every harvester’s story is different, and yet many have the same theme of self-sacrifice. All to participate in one thing: serving the Jewish farmers in the heartland of Israel; building up and strengthening Judea and Samaria through agricultural volunteering.


We’re blown away each year at the team that comes from all corners of the world to gather on the hills of Samaria for the harvest. This year was no different, as we had almost 500 volunteers join us from 9 different countries. Together, we harvested 437.9 tons of grapes! That’s 258,700 bottles of liquid prophecy flowing from the mountains of Israel!


Thank you to each and every one of you who participated through prayer and financial support. There are more than just 500 volunteers involved in the work here. There are thousands around the world who are praying and giving financially to keep us moving forward.


Thank you for your support!
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What Do You Believe In?

Thank you to all those who have given! We’re currently at $6,900.00!
We have 6 days to raise the rest of the funds needed. If you believe in what we are doing, please consider forwarding this to anyone you know that would be interested in giving this “Giving Tuesday”. 
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Harvest Update Video – The Kitchen

One of the incredible workings of the harvest every year is the indispensable kitchen that sometimes seems to run night and day! This year, the kitchen staff was blessed with a commercial kitchen and a walk-in refrigerator and freezer (thank you, to all those who donated!), which came just in time. With 500 volunteers coming through the base this year, the team greatly appreciated the extra space and upgraded equipment. Here are just a few statistics from the kitchen this year:

46,620 Individual Plates Served

2,322 Loaves of Bread Baked

2,070 Rolls Baked

1,080 Pounds of Granola Made

We hope this video gives you a peek into the daily life of the harvest kitchen and its staff.  Thank you, kitchen staff, for all your hard work and all those delicious meals!!!

The Joshua and Caleb Report – Episode #10

Announcing……the 10th and last episode in this season of the Joshua and Caleb Report series. Born to American parents, Batya Sela grew up in the ultimate urban lifestyle, a far stretch from the edge of the outlying hilltop of Itamar, where she resides today. Prepare to have your perception of the “West Bank Settler” radically changed as you step into Batya’s world, the world of a true mother in Israel, simply wanting to live with her husband and two boys to the very fullest.

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