Video Trailer for Joshua and Caleb Report – Season 2!!!


Joshua & Caleb Report – Season 2 – Official Trailer!
Season 2 is COMING SOON!!!

Join Joshua and Caleb Waller as they hear the inspiring stories of people all across the Heartland of Israel. From a young mother raising her children on a small, thriving hilltop, to a commander on the Gaza border fighting to protect his communities from rockets and terrorism, to a surfer following God’s call to plant vines on rocky mountains. We will be releasing this series of 10 episodes on December 15th. Prepare to be inspired!

Season 2 will be airing on Son Broadcasting New Mexico, GLC and Finland TV 7 starting November 1, 2015.DVDs are planned to be released January 1, 2016, and will be available here:

Calling All Men…Israel Needs YOU!

This Harvest is Coming to a Close…
But We’re Gearing Up For Pruning!

We are just finishing up the 2015 Harvest, but the Men’s Pruning Trip is right around the corner! The application deadline is coming up, December 8, so hurry and click HERE to request your application.

Though things have been intense in Israel lately, our Israeli friends aren’t going anywhere. They still need our help, and NOW is the time when it means the most to them. Let’s give Israel tangible evidence of our support in their time of need!

Watch this video, and listen for the call


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Listen to Zac Waller’s new song about
Prophecy Sprouting on the mountains of Israel!

SHARE this song to spread the truth of the Land of Israel sprouting forth, and of God’s promises coming true in our day.  What an amazing time we live in, that we can not only see prophecy being fulfilled, but also participate in it.  Share this good report of the land of the living spoken of in God’s Word.

Watch for the world premier of the


New LIFE has come, and RESTORATION has begun!

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How To Harvest Grapes

Ever Wonder How Grapes Are Harvested?
Find Out By Watching This New Video

Timing, temperature and technique all need to be considered when harvesting grapes. WATCH the newest video to find out the mechanics of harvesting grapes on the mountains of Israel.

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