How Embarrassing!

Please Excuse our Mistake 

We mistakenly reported the deadline for harvest applications in our last email. The correct deadline is coming up quickly on JUNE 15th!

REQUEST your application today, and join us on the mountains of Israel this fall!

NOTE: If you are considering joining us in Israel, you need to get (or update) your passport NOW! Your passport must be valid for at least 12 months from your date of arrival in Israel.


Stand With Us

Become a Monthly Supporter

We are working hard on the new HaYovel base to raise a solid voice in support of Israel, and to strongly support the pioneers who are holding the mountains of Israel. If this is something you believe in, consider being a voice for Israel by becoming a monthly supporter. Your actions speak louder than words.

CLICK HERE to become a monthly supporter. Thank you for partnering with us!


Would you like to know why HaYovel is harvesting during the Shmita? Interested in finding out why this harvest is so special? You don’t want to miss this video to find out the answers!

For a more in depth look at the Shmita CLICK HERE (40 minute video).

Can You Hear Them?

The Mountains Are Calling…

Can You Hear Them?


This year’s Harvest is a very special one, called the Shmitah (sabbatical). A friend from Hebron, Israel recently said that if you have ever considered coming to Israel for the harvest, this is the year you should come! June 15th is the application deadline. Request your application today!

If you’re not able to join us yourself, please consider sponsoring someone else’s trip to the harvest, or help out by sponsoring supplies for the team this fall. Contact us for more information.


Join Us for an Israel Inspired Shabbat Experience


EXPERIENCE an authentic Biblical Shabbat in nature

DISCOVER ancient Hebrew prayers in English & Hebrew

TASTE the land of Israel with live Hebrew music

ENJOY traditional communal Shabbat meals as if you were in Israel


Registration is Open!

Come Celebrate the Feast!
Bring your family to enjoy: powerful praise and worship; Torah study with an emphasis on the land and the people of Israel; teaching from HaYovel’s dynamic speakers; a night watch with prayer, worship and study from 10PM-6AM; great fellowship around campfires and on walks in the great outdoors.
Experience it all on the new HaYovel base!


Registration is Now Open!

Want to give your family a jump start on learning the language of heaven?

Join us for two weeks of family-paced language study for all ages this summer at the new HaYovel base!
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