City of Gold – A Poem in Honor of Jerusalem Day

Today is Jerusalem Day!

Exactly 50 years ago, Jerusalem, the “City of Gold”, was liberated and unified once again. Join us in celebrating the miracles and victories of Jerusalem and praising God for His everlasting faithfulness.

Jerusalem is so much more than just another city. It is the place that God chose and it is the joy of the whole earth! (Psalm 48:2)

Be inspired by this poem (written by Drew Parsons) that follows the story of Jerusalem’s past, gives a snapshot of its present and paints a picture of its future:

Jerusalem Picture2

O Yerushalayim, city of old,

How I long to hear your stories told!

To know your past from days gone by,

Each shout of joy, each tearful sigh.

Upon each of your stones has traipsed many feet,

Who were the people that walked on your street?

What did they say, what thoughts did they share?

Did you hear fervent words spoken in prayer?

What was it like to witness the glory,

Of the Temple we now know only by story?

Did you see HaShem through the mighty cloud?

Did you hear the Almighty speaking aloud?

Did your cloudy skies fill with tears?
As people turned away over the years?
What did you feel when God’s people were bound?
And your walls were razed down to the ground?

Was your heart with joy completely filled?
When the people returned and began to rebuild?
Did you see how they worked with their sword in hand,
As they strived to reclaim the heart of the Land?

Tell me where was the bottle of oil found,
The Maccabees used to make the temple re-crowned?
Did you smile and watch the lamp stay ablaze,
With that little bit that lasted eight days?

2014 06 01 The Golden Gate, also known as: Gate of Mercy, Gate of Eternal Life, Beautiful Gate.

What was it like that glimpse to see,

When Messiah came to set the world free?

You saw it all from the time He was born,

To the end when the veil of the Temple was torn.

O Yerushalayim, city of old
For you many things have the prophets foretold.
Here I am walking your streets today,
And I see the truth of what the Scriptures say.

The shouts as children to each other call,
Echo with gladness off each stony wall.
It was said that one day boys and girls would play.
And I can see them here now, forever to stay.

Oh, how I love your stones and your dust!

And in the promises of God I place my trust.

Though at times it may be so easy to fear,

I know that the set time soon will be here.

It grieves me to think that you’re far from a stranger
To constant attacks of terror and danger.
And oh how I wish that your streets could be clear,
Of sin from the world and all things impure.

A prayer for your peace is daily my call,
And I stand as a watchman up on your wall.
I’ll always remember; I promise I will.
Or else make my right hand forget all its skill.

God has promised you that He will defend,

Until it comes time for the heavens to rend.

Even now I can hear the voice of each stone,

Telling the world God hasn’t left you alone.

O Yerushalayim, City of Gold!

How greatly I long to see God’s plan unfold!

One day you’ll be the shining light,

That defies the darkness of the world’s night.


I long for the day when your tears are dried
In righteousness ready, adorned as a bride.

In that day we’ll find neither sadness nor pain,

For our King and Messiah will eternally reign!

This Jerusalem Day, may our eyes and our hearts be turned towards Zion and the beautiful redemption story that God is unfolding in the world today!

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