New Video | Is Your Lamp Burning?


In a historic and unprecedented period in history, today is the time to stand with Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. Celebrating the miracle of 1967, Britt, Nick and Luke will walk you through the incredible period in history when the heartland of Israel was liberated.

Filmed on location in the Old City of Jerusalem, this short film will leave you inspired and strengthened to stand with God’s Land, people and covenant promise spoken so many years ago.

Motivation | by Zac Waller

Fear can be a huge motivating factor! What motivates you? Are you missing out on the key to keeping you positively motivated?

Listen to Zac Waller’s podcast on the Heartland Connection.

UN or the Bible?


When a left-wing news team arrives in Jerusalem to make a “juicy story”, they dive head first into some of the most complicated questions of our time. Are there answers?

Watch the video HERE

Israel Video Network’s annual Inspired by Israel video contest is here! Our team worked very hard on the production of our video for this year, and are excited to share it with you.

The voting period for the contest is March 20th – 29th. To make it into the judging phase of the contest, our video needs to be in the top 16 most voted on videos by then. You can help us out by voting every day!

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