See the Flat Packs in Action!

This year, we set up six Flat Packs on Har Bracha for our volunteers to have comfortable cottages while in Israel, and they are working wonderfully!

Flat Packs are a great way to provide housing for our volunteers, as they are mobile, sturdy, and priced right.

Thank you for your generous donations – we’re almost halfway there! Click HERE to get involved today.

Joshua & Caleb Report, Season Two

See The Good Report
Watch This Exclusive Trailer

The children of Israel came out of the land of Egypt and drew near to the Promised Land. Moses sent 12 men into the Land to spy it out. When they returned to the border, their news was not good. Only two spies, Joshua and Caleb, brought the good report…

Israel is facing a similar situation today, as media circles the globe every day with negative stories about the Promised Land. In this refreshing series, Joshua and Caleb Waller travel Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria to listen to the stories of those who live in the place that the world chooses to call the “West Bank.” You will meet the real faces of people that live in the heartland of Israel. This is the Joshua and Caleb Report, Stories from the Heartland of Israel, Season Two.

Hebrew ~ The Language of the Prophets

Do You Desire to Read the Bible in the Original Language?

Join us to learn the prophetic Hebrew language that has been restored. This winter, we will be hosting an intensive six-week course at the HaYovel base in Missouri, December 6th – January 14th.

Watch the introduction now, and look for an announcement to enroll soon!

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