Torah Snippets


Shalom dear friends and family,

It’s almost Shabbat here in Eretz Israel! Before it sweeps over the land with it’s serenity and joy, I would like to share a few thoughts I’ve had as I studied through this week’s Torah portion.

The portion starts in Deuteronomy 7:12 listing the rewards for listening to and observing God’s commandments. In short, the rewards are: inheriting the Land, fruitfulness of the land, flocks and herds, fruitfulness in bringing forth children, not having any diseases and having victory over enemies.

I would like to take a closer look at one of those blessings. In verse thirteen it says, “multiply you” and “bless the fruit of your womb,” and then in verse fourteen it says, “you will be the most blessed of all peoples, there shall not be a male or female barren among you.” Three times in just two verses when Almighty God wants to show His children how much He loves and cares about them, He goes out of His way to make sure they know that they will be swamped with babies; boys, girls, children and grandchildren!

Ladies and gentlemen, God loves children! Even if today’s culture disagrees, you have the opportunity to align yourself with God’s blessings! GET MARRIED! Have babies, be blessed!

In chapter eight verse two, Moshe reminds the children of Israel, “You shall remember the entire road on which HaShem led you.” Don’t forget where you have been! Think about it, talk about it, write it down. As we travel down life’s road, we have many experiences. Those experiences shape our perspectives and from those perspectives we make choices. Then we have another experience which reshapes our perspective and leads us to make different choices. With each choice we decide whether we want to take a step toward God or away from Him. God wants us all to be leaders like Moses, David and Yeshua. Where are your choices leading you? How do you filter your experiences?

Verse three of chapter eight contains the famous quote, “man shall not live by bread alone.” Have you ever wondered, “why bread?” Cultivated wheat was actually developed in Israel and then spread to the rest of the world! That’s why there are so many references to “bread” in the Bible. That’s why “wheat” is listed first in verse eight and why the Hamotzi blessing (the blessing for bread) trumps the rest of the food blessings.

Lastly, in verse ten we see the commandment to bless our graciously heavenly Father for providing nourishment to us. Note that the instruction is to bless AFTER you have eaten and are satisfied. After eating BREAD our Jewish brothers say a couple page long prayer of thanksgiving. My brother Brayden put together a VERY condensed version that we have been blessed to sing after every meal.

Blessings to you all and SHABBAT SHALOM!

Announcing Joshua and Caleb Report Season 3

We are extremely excited to announce that the Joshua and Caleb Report Season 3 has hit production! Season 3 is much more than just one set of episodes – we plan to continue filming every year and release a new video every month! With updated equipment, a new reality-style format, and fresh stories and places, the Joshua and Caleb Report will be more exciting than ever before!

The best part is that we will be releasing all episodes online for free! So sit tight, and keep your ears tuned for the first release of the Joshua and Caleb Report, Stories from the Heartland of Israel!

First Episode Release Date: October 2016

Joshua & Caleb Report Filming


I am in Jerusalem after finishing up our first film shoot for this next season of the Joshua and Caleb Report.

Words cannot describe the privilege of being able to walk the streets of Jerusalem with such a legendary figure as Ezra Yakhin, also known by the code name “Elnakam”. It was a surreal experience to hear the stories of a man that has lived in Jerusalem the entire 88 years of his life. He participated in the underground resistance against the British in 1948 at the age of 16, had close friends that died in defense of their country at the hands of the British, and came extremely close to liberating the old city on May 15th, 1948. Wounded twice in that effort, and losing sight in one eye, he survived to see Jerusalem liberated in 1967, and today he speaks nearly every day all over Israel to soldiers, schools, and many other places inspiring citizens of Israel with his fervent zeal for the restoration of Zion.

We were incredibly honored to be with Ezra Yakhin today, and can hardly wait to release this extraordinary first episode to you – The Battle for Jerusalem.

Luke Hilton and the HaYovel Media Team


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