UN or the Bible?


When a left-wing news team arrives in Jerusalem to make a “juicy story”, they dive head first into some of the most complicated questions of our time. Are there answers?

Watch the video HERE

Israel Video Network’s annual Inspired by Israel video contest is here! Our team worked very hard on the production of our video for this year, and are excited to share it with you.

The voting period for the contest is March 20th – 29th. To make it into the judging phase of the contest, our video needs to be in the top 16 most voted on videos by then. You can help us out by voting every day!

Petition to Relocate the U.S. Embassy



You may have heard about President Trump’s promise to relocate the United States embassy to Jerusalem. It is a very important for those who stand with Israel to urge the U.S. Department of State to make good on that promise. By doing so, the United States will be acknowledging Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem as its eternal capital.

You can do your part by signing the petition that Faith and Freedom Coalition is bringing before the State Department.

Click HERE to sign the petition

Spring Trip Deadline – 2 Days Away

Spring Trip

Only 2 DAYS left to register for the Spring Trip!

Blossoming flowers, budding vineyards, prophecy coming to life – spring is a beautiful time of year to come and put hands and feet to your love for Israel!

This is a 3 week trip, starting on April 25 and ending on May 16. Everyone is invited!

Don’t wait to register. The deadline to apply is Wednesday, March 15th. That’s only two days away!

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Purim Sameach!


Wishing you a Happy Purim as we read the story of Esther and remember the miraculous redemption God brought for His people!

“I have set the Lord always before me; because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved.”
Psalm 16:8

“ . . . who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”
Esther 4:14

“In Jewish history, there are no coincidences.”
Elie Wiesel

The Recognize Jerusalem Movement

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In Jerusalem, a battle is raging.  Blinding flashes and deafening explosions. Silence. The airways of the army radio crackled to life with an announcement that would be destined to echo throughout the pages of history forever: “The Temple Mount is in our hands.” 

This year is the 50th anniversary of that announcement. An announcement that was a direct fulfillment of God’s unfailing promises made to the nation of Israel thousands of years ago. God miraculously delivered Jerusalem back into the hands of the children of Israel.

“So again in these days I am determined to do good to Jerusalem and to the house of Judah. Do not fear.”

Zechariah 8:15

It is time to turn our eyes toward Jerusalem in celebration of this important anniversary. HaYovel is beginning a movement to encourage churches, congregations, individuals and families across the world to bring our focus back to Jerusalem over the weekend of May 19-21, 2017.

Click here to join the movement today.

This is a global movement of people who unequivocally stand with Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria as Israel’s eternal, God-given inheritance. Add your name or your organization’s name to the movement to declare your public support for Israel’s heartland.

We want to equip you to celebrate Jerusalem this year. We have stunning videos, gripping articles, photos, presentations and more to help you connect your friends and family, church or congregation, pastor and community to the heartland of Israel in 2017.

Israel is celebrating. Are you?

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