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Thank You President Trump!

President Trump recently announced his official recognition of Jerusalem as the united capital of Israel. This is a historic moment and HaYovel would like to thank President Trump for his courage and leadership in this step toward world peace and... Read MoreRead More

The Ultimate Goal – A Harvester’s Story


What are you passionate about? Have you found the vision and calling that God has for your life? What is your ultimate goal? Meet Luke Murphy and hear his story of answering God’s call and being willing to quit his job to come to Israel for the first time. Stepping outside of the typical lifestyle for young men his age, Luke has become a part of something so much bigger and gained a clear calling and a lifelong... Read MoreRead More

Ready, Set, Learn Hebrew!

Did you get the invitation yet? We’d love to have you join us for our annual Hebrew course that is happening this winter! This is an amazing chance to learn the heavenly language of Hebrew through immersion learning in an engaging, fun and interactive environment. The course is on-site at HaYovel’s campus in Missouri, United States. Can’t make it there in person? Don’t worry! Online classes are available as well. Head on over to the registration page to get the full rundown on all the details. Don’t wait, classes start in less than a month so you need to register... Read MoreRead More
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