HaYovel Hebrew Course

6 Week: December 10th, 2017 – January 18th, 2018 (online OR live course)

2 Week: December 10th – December 21st, 2017 (live course)

Have you ever wanted to learn modern conversational Hebrew? Or know how to read your Bible in its original language?

You’re invited to join us this winter for our annual Hebrew course! Watch this video to catch a glimpse of what it’s like and hear from past students about their experience learning Hebrew with HaYovel.

Classes are offered on-site at our campus in Missouri. Online courses are available too.

Hebrew Class 2015-16

Live Course

At the Hayovel HQ in Missouri
  • Course cost: 6wks = $1950, 2 wks = $800 (all lodging, food and lessons*)
  • Boost your learning in a fun, immersive environment
  • Forge close friendships with like-minded Hebrew learners

Register: 2 weeks

Register: 6 weeks

Online Course

Daily live internet classes
  • Course cost of $500 (online classroom fees and all lessons for 6 weeks*)
  • Join us from wherever you are
    in the world
  • Interact in real time with teachers
    and fellow students

Register: 6 weeks

*Or it could be even less! Discounts available, see the registration pages for details.

What past students had to say:

I was so blessed to have the opportunity to participate in this years 6 week HaYovel Hebrew Ulpan course! It is my hearts desire to one day speak the language of heaven fluently; and with the help of this year’s 5 amazing, dedicated, and talented teachers of vision, this dream is becoming a reality! … All in all it was a wonderful experience and I learned a great deal!


At the ulpan this year, I learned a lot of Hebrew. Before coming, I could not speak much Hebrew. And I could not understand much. But after the ulpan I can speak, understand, and even write better. I really thank the teachers ! Thank God! This year in Jerusalem!


I want to say that I really liked Ulpan and I want to tell you and everyone involved “thank you” for such an inspiring course, for the help, support and training that I received during Ulpan. I feel like I have been given a massive head start into my Hebrew learning and feel like I can fly into more advanced Hebrew.


Ulpan was absolutely amazing! It was a turning point in my Hebrew learning experience, I went from a beginner level to being fairly comfortable with spoken Hebrew.


Ulpan was excellent. I thought the teachers did a great job. I learned a lot and it was a great foundation to my Hebrew learning.


I had a fantastic time at Hebrew school. Great classes, great teachers, wonderful community. Highly recommended for everyone who wants to learn Hebrew and be in an encouraging environment.


I had an amazing time. Ulpan helped me have greater confidence in speaking Hebrew.


Hebrew school was fantastic! The classroom environment was excellent and I really enjoyed it.


Very fun and engaging. I learned a lot from it!


Totally amazing!!! It was so helpful and way better than any other study method I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a LOT). I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn Hebrew efficiently and in a very fun atmosphere. And, I plan to go again myself!


Inspiring, challenging, eye-opening. I would say that it is a great way to develop a firm foundation and understanding of the language- a great base to spring broad into another program. I would recommend it to those who are seriously interested in learning, not just to dabble around with.


A very good starting point. It was good exposure to hearing the language. Repeating words over and over again and the games they had us do were great for auditory, online programs don’t have this.


Learning together with a whole bunch of people is so much more fun. It helps you learn so much faster. I would absolutely recommend this class!


Inspirational, fun, engaging and a good experience


Worthwhile, interactive. You need interaction with people that are excited about Hebrew in order to keep you motivated. I would recommend it a lot!


Fun, intense, focused. You have personal interaction with the teachers. I would highly recommend it!


I believe this program is probably one of the most effective in teaching people how to speak Hebrew. Before coming to Hebrew Class I tried learning languages on my own through distance learning but, though I knew a lot of vocabulary after completing them, none of them have been effective in giving me the opportunity to develop the ability to speak the language in every day life. This program, however, did provide me with the training and the environment I needed to be able to effectively communicate with Israelis. After completing this class I have since then traveled to Israel twice and have been able to easily communicate with and understand Israelis.

In the classes, the teachers do a wonderful job breaking down complicated concepts so that they can be easily understood, making it a great program for beginners.


Meet the Teachers

braydenBrayden Waller

I am Brayden Waller. I have had a passion to learn and teach Hebrew for the past 10 years. Realizing that Yeshua spoke Hebrew is an amazing connection for me, and has opened the Bible up in a whole new way.  

 Since Tali and I were first married, we dreamed of one day speaking Hebrew to our children. With a baby on the way shortly after our wedding, we had a constant inspiration to study. Our sweet daughter Yael was born and six months later, through a series of divinely-opened doors, we were blessed to go to Jerusalem to study Hebrew in an Israeli ulpan (Hebrew school). Through this experience, we not only deepened our own understanding of the language, but also learned some tried and true methods of teaching.  Much of the teaching style that we incorporate into our school is modeled after the Israeli ulpan.

  One of my favorite things about teaching is watching the light bulbs turn on in students’ minds and sharing their joy as they put sentences together for the first time. My class sometimes gets a bit noisy with excitement.(:

joseph-williamsJoseph Williams

I had wanted to learn Hebrew from a very young age, but didn’t see how it would ever really be useful or even a possibility. After visiting Israel for the first time in 2011, I felt a strong desire to learn the Holy Language.  I started learning with the course Rosetta Stone, and after that, any course, book or movie that I could get my hands on.

I have been studying the Hebrew language to greater depths ever since. The past four years, I have been teaching Hebrew to anyone who shared my desire to learn the Language of Heaven.

nick-parsonsNick Parsons

When I was first exposed to the Hebrew alephbet about 12 years ago, I instantly sensed there was something special in these ancient letters – not just another language, but rather a gift of great depth and value from our Heavenly Father. For a while, it was something that I was interested in but didn’t yet have enough vision to make a priority. About 3 years ago, that changed and I began studying Hebrew with the goal of being able to read Scripture as it was written and get as close as possible to the precious words of life our King has given us. After volunteering in Israel with HaYovel, my eyes were opened to the miracle of Hebrew as not just a language of written truth, but of day-to-day life and relationships, and I began the next stage of learning modern Hebrew.

What excites me most about Hebrew is the unity that it brings – between us and God (by showing us more about Him), between fellow students as we learn together, and between us and the Jewish people in the Land, as new doors of conversation are opened through common knowledge of the holy language.

teacher-profile-1-smNaomi Parsons

For then I will restore to the peoples a pure language that they all may call on the name of the LORD, to serve Him with one accord. Zephaniah 3:9

Hebrew is a living miracle! The Lord spoke to His prophet thousands of years ago about the Jewish people again speaking Hebrew; but not only them, about you and me being apart of this miracle too! “He will restore to the peoples a pure language.” Why learn Hebrew? “To call on the name of the Lord, and serve Him with one accord.” This is the beauty and essence of the Hebrew language… connecting to God and Israel!

My inspiration to learn Hebrew came from Brayden and Tali Waller! I was temporarily paralyzed at the time, and Brayden and Tali blessed me with a Hebrew/English Bible. God had already supplied the time, and here He was supplying the means! I was instantly connected, and a passion began to grow in my heart for Hebrew, Israel, and God Himself! After the Lord healed me a year and a half later, I joined Brayden and Tali in teaching this beautiful language, and continue to grow more passionate about it every day!

rachealRacheal Fournier

My name is Racheal Fournier. My journey of learning Hebrew began when I was about twelve years old. I have always loved languages, but there was something special about Hebrew. I had one problem at that time; I could find absolutely no material teaching modern Hebrew. This was a big disappointment to me. When I was fourteen, I bought a program teaching how to read and a few basic greetings and phrases. I devoured it, and that was all I could find until Brayden Waller recommended some books to our family several years later.

What began as a special language that I really wanted to learn has developed into a passion for the prophetic language which burns within me. To think that when I am speaking Hebrew in the streets of Jerusalem with Jewish men and women, I am actually fulfilling the ancient prophecy of Zechariah, is more beautiful than I can express with words. Hebrew becomes more and more special to me each day as I read the Bible in its original text and discover beautiful treasures that can only be seen in its original language.

The last few years I have been given the opportunity of teaching Hebrew. I absolutely love teaching because it gives others the opportunity that I didn’t have for so long.

Naomi Williams

I first really started learning Hebrew in 2012, the year after I had gone to Israel. At the end of 2012, HaYovel did their first Ulpan. My brother Joseph taught there, and that same year I was blessed to be able to help students online while being one myself. I would finish the four-hour class in the morning, and then study for another 4-6 hours to stay ahead of the class so that I could help the other students as they learned. It was during that time that I really became committed to learning Hebrew.

My brother Joseph has been a huge inspiration in my learning Hebrew and has really helped me to stay diligent over the years.

Hebrew has helped shape the person that I am today. Though I can’t exactly explain why, I feel that I am able to truly express myself using Hebrew – even though I am not fluent yet! One of the most beautiful things is that I can now pray to My King and read and understand His Word in His language. There truly is something so special about Hebrew. There is such a beautiful depth to this language, and it brings me great joy to be able to share that with others!

Hebrew Resources

Are you planning on joining us for Hebrew school this year? If so, you will need to come familiar with the Hebrew letters and vowels so that you can jump right in and get the very most out of your investment! To the right are two free downloadable resources for learning or reviewing the letters and vowels to help you out with your pre-study.

Hebrew Lettersletters

Hebrew Vowelsvowels


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