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The Story of Israel Through Her Wines

The Story of Israel Through Her Wines is a gripping presentation of a journey through the covenants, blessings, sorrows, and triumphs of the nation of Israel, covering the span of time from Abraham to the present day, using wines from Israel’s biblical heartland, Judea and Samaria.

During the reign of the Roman Empire and exile of the Jewish people, the vineyards were decimated and laid to waste. Today, however, we are seeing prophecy unfold as the vineyards that once covered the mountainsides in Judea and Samaria are being restored and flourishing, as the Jewish people return home to their covenant land. Each of the wines used in this presentation is made from the bountiful fruit of that once-deserted land and has been hand-selected for the personal story it tells and how it further reflects the miraculous journey and redemption of the nation of Israel.

Psagot Winery (40 of 101)-2

Presented by Caleb Waller, this unique telling and one-of-a-kind presentation will connect you to the story of Israel like never before. Caleb is traveling to cities and towns throughout the U.S. right now to present this prophetic message to gain support for the work of HaYovel in Israel. If you would like to know more about the tour and presentation, or to host an event in your area, contact HaYovel at or at 573-222-0460.


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