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Historic Event in the Knesset – Watch Now


History was made within the walls of Israel’s Knesset building this past Monday afternoon. In the Shilansky Auditorium, the “Salute to Christian Zionist Volunteers in Israel” event, hosted by MK Sharren Haskel, was attended by pro-Israel Christian organizations, Knesset members and many other prominent Jewish voices from around Israel. HaYovel, Christian Friends of Israel-Jerusalem (CFI-Jerusalem), Christian Friends of Israeli Communities (CFOIC), and Return Ministries were among those represented.

Several key clips from the internationally acclaimed film I Am Israel were shown, including an interview with winery owner Ya’akov Berg from the vineyards of Israel’s heartland. David Kiern, director of the film, shared the heart behind creating the documentary: to correct the false impression of Israel by displaying the miraculous beauty of what God is doing in her midst today.

Speaker of the Knesset M.K. Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, M.K. Yehudah Glick, M.K. Robert Ilatov, and M.K. Sharren Haskel graciously recognized the efforts of these Christian organizations who have faithfully stood with the Jewish people in their right to flourish in their own sovereign nation. Sharren Haskel compared these organizations to influential Christian Zionists who changed the course of Jewish history. She stated profoundly, “As we had throughout history [people like] Balfour, Doña Gracia, [and] Raoul Wallenberg, we have you today doing amazing, incredible work.”

Tommy Waller earnestly entreated a call to action, “Right now, it’s our responsibility as Christians to strengthen and support the Jewish communities like we’ve never supported them before.” May God strengthen us to fulfill this call.


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