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Deadline to Register for the Recognize Jerusalem Trip

Will you take advantage of the once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate 50 years since the liberation of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria? We invite you to become involved with this special celebration in one of the following ways:

  • Come to Israel on the Recognize Jerusalem Trip May 23rd – June 6th, 2017. (The deadline to apply is April 25th!) Click Here for more info.
  • Sign up for the Recognize Jerusalem Movement and let us help you to celebrate this season in your own community. Click Here for more info.
  • Come to Israel for the Summer Trip, Harvest, or next year’s Pruning! Click Here for more info.

The residents of the biblical heartland of Israel are celebrating this special and momentous occasion, and we want to help you celebrate with them.

If you would like some fresh inspiration, take a few minutes and watch the Joshua and Caleb Report episode, Shlomo Kashi, Paratrooper Brigade, War of 1967. It still leaves us with goose bumps.

The deadline to apply for the Recognize Jerusalem trip is April 25th. That’s next week, so delay no longer and head over to our website to sign up today!

NOTE: If you’re having trouble submitting an application for the Recognize Jerusalem trip, please email letting us know that you’d like to register. We’re currently experiencing an issue with our registration database which we hope to have fixed soon. 


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