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Should Jews Trust Christians?

Restoring Jewish-Christian Relations, One Vine at a Time

A recent article published by Breaking Israel News tells of an unprecedented phenomenon that is taking place today – the rising tide of Christian support for Israel and for the Jewish people. The article faces some of the questions that have arisen in recent years as a result of this, namely, “should Jews trust Christians?”

Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, an internationally respected authority on Torah law, answers the questions:

“How should we relate to Christians who suddenly have become our friends? For nearly two thousand years, they persecuted the Jewish nation . . . and suddenly they love us? Can we believe them?”

Read the full article HERE featuring answers from Rabbi Melamed and interviews with David Nekrutman (Director of the Center for Jewish–Christian Understanding and Cooperation) and Luke Hilton (Director of Marketing at HaYovel).

66September 29, 2016


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