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Spectacular Harvest in Progress!

Shalom to all, from the vineyards of Israel!

As we hit the one week mark since the harvest kick-off, we are already seeing records broken – both with the unprecedented number of harvesters and also the amount of grapes coming in from the vineyards. Our previous one-day record was shattered as we brought in 26.952 tons on Sunday – all before noon!!

Spirits are high as the work goes fast with so many hands to share the load. Families join together in sweet musical and spiritual harmony, and the Father pours His grace out as we tune ourselves to hear His voice.
Group Picture on Elon Moreh
On Friday, the harvesters were able to go up for HaYovel’s now traditional sunrise breakfast and worship service at Elon Moreh, where God spoke to Abraham. We were able to enjoy the unfolding views as the mist lifted and we gazed over the surrounding landscape and down into the Tirzah valley, bringing new meaning to the words of Solomon, “O my love, you are as beautiful as Tirzah. . .” (Songs 6:4) This week, we have also been able to visit the holy city of Jerusalem, with the teams alternating between touring and vineyard days.
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