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What Will You Do for God’s Kingdom Today?

I recently returned from Australia, where I spent just over a month traveling with my family throughout the country, speaking about the work of HaYovel to churches, fellowships, independent groups, and even a group in Sydney’s local Parliament House.

The phenomenon of Christians gathering together all over the world wanting to bless and support Israel is only happening in recent times. I am blown away every time that I travel speaking on behalf of HaYovel to find small groups of believers all over the world that are waking up to the story of what God is doing in Israel, and want to somehow be a part of it.

All over Australia, I discovered zealous Christian Zionists, each with similar stories: sometime within the last 10-15 years, they began to see Israel through the Scriptures or Feasts, or God began to lay a love for Israel on their hearts, and now they cannot contain themselves – they want to come to this land to actively participate in the miraculous restoration that God is doing here. Many have been on a tour to Israel, but now want to go deeper. They want to get their hands dirty in the prophetic soil of the mountains of Israel.


This week, we have nearly 30 volunteers joining us from 6 different countries for the 3 week Summer Trip. Christians from the United States, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, and Australia will be coming to a place that the world condemns – only these people will be coming for one purpose – to serve and bless the Jewish people by volunteering in the farming communities. During this trip, volunteers will assist in planting new vineyards, cleaning and maintaining current vineyards, and they will experience the land and people of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria in a completely new way. They will then go home as effective ambassadors on behalf of the heartland of Israel.

We are also preparing for the harvest that begins August 22nd this year. We are anticipating nearly 300 volunteers from many countries coming to join us.

Would you like to be involved in this prophetic work? As I told each audience in Australia, HaYovel extends 3 different opportunities for Christian Zionists to get involved in supporting Judea and Samaria:


There is still time to sign up for the 6 Week Harvest Trip, September 12th – October 24th. Be an active participant in the restoration of God’s Kingdom, and taste and see that the land is good!


Would you like to be a part, but are unable to physically come this year? We have opportunities for you to sponsor someone to come to the Harvest:

  • Partial 3 Week Sponsorship: $1,250 (excludes airfare)
  • Full 3 Week Sponsorship: $2,450 (includes airfare)
  • Partial 6 Week Sponsorship: $2,100 (excludes airfare)
  • Full 6 Week Sponsorship: $3,300 (includes airfare)

If you are interested in providing a sponsorship, please reply to this email to let us know, or to ask any questions you may have!


The third way to get involved is to pray. A story is told about Corrie Ten Boom’s grandfather, Willem Ten Boom, who in 1844 began to gather a group of people every week to pray for the Jewish people. He may have never seen the fruit of his prayers, but we know that his family and grandchildren were able to save many Jewish lives during the Holocaust as a direct result of those prayers.


Today as Christians, we are privileged with an unprecedented opportunity to come to the land of Israel to bless and serve the Jewish people. Will you come, and participate in the prophetic work happening on the mountains of Samaria?


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