Do US Congresswomen Support Terrorism in Israel?

Did you know Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar’s trip to Israel was sponsored by an organization that supports terrorism? The Palestinian Authority decided to fire all of their aids rather than stop paying terrorist salaries. In the meantime, Israel is finally taking steps to treat Judea and Samaria like the rest of Israel, including expanding... Read MoreRead More

The Harvest is in full swing!

Harvest 2019 is here! The once-barren mountains of Israel are now bursting with vibrant color as we watch God’s plan of redemption unfold in the Land. Not only that, but volunteers from all over the world have come to Israel to take part in the wonderful restoration that is happening right in front of us.... Read MoreRead More

The Nations Are In The Vineyards Of Israel

Israeli wineries are standing firm against the threat of the BDS movement, most recently coming from the Canadian government. US Congresswomen are visiting the Palestinian Authority in Israel – do you think they should be banned from entering the country? The nations are here in Israel repenting for the 9th of Av and the atrocities... Read MoreRead More

Celebrate the Feasts in Israel this Year

Are you looking to do something meaningful for the biblical fall festivals this year? What if you could spend the Feast of Trumpets on the Mount of Blessing in the heart of the Mountains of Israel? What if you could ascend to Jerusalem for the Festival of Sukkot? What if you could do all of these things,... Read MoreRead More
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