Peace Plan, Rockets, and Elections

by Luke Hilton This week, two terrorists from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement approached the Gaza Strip security fence and planted a bomb. IDF forces immediately spotted the terrorists and opened fire, eliminating both. In retaliation, about 80 rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza in the course of just a few days, with 90%... Read MoreRead More

Peace Plan or Not, Don’t Build Homes In Israel (Special Interview) – Podcast

An unofficial building freeze is happening in Israel’s biblical heartland. Even though the “Deal of the Century” has not been implemented, and even rejected by the Palestinians, Israel is restricting the growth of new apartment buildings in Samaria due to what they are perceiving as pressure from the United States. Stay tuned for a special... Read MoreRead More

Will You Be In Israel For Passover?

Are you going to be in Israel for Passover? Do you want to connect to the miraculous redemption of the land of Israel? HaYovel is hosting a Passover in the Heartland event on Monday, April 13th from 9am – 4pm. This is a one-day event where you can come plant a tree on the Mount... Read MoreRead More

The Peace Plan or God’s Word?

Against All Odds, the Word of God Prevails By Luke Hilton You have probably heard the term “West Bank,” or if you are familiar with Israel, you may have even heard “Judea and Samaria” or “biblical heartland.” In the following brief space, I’d like to bring some color to the places that are inside this... Read MoreRead More
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