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Another Record-Setting Harvest!!!


The Train Method!

A Report from the Fields

As the grape harvest begins to draw closer and closer to that time when we will pick the last grape, we are still hard at work in the fields, falling into a daily routine of breakfast at 5:00, lunch at 10:30, and work until 1:00 or2:00. On one day alone, we brought in a record 24 tons on the Mount of Blessing!

Over the vines, we have seen chains fall as one testimony after another has reached fertile soil. We laugh at jokes, compete with the other teams, and sing with all our hearts! As some harvesters departed for home this week, we cried as we edified them with words of truth. We have been so blessed this year to have a strong elder presence. They have strengthened us by their physical presence and by their strong work ethic.

It has been a historic couple of weeks, as we have already broken the record for how many tons of grapes we have picked during one harvest alone. Currently, we’re at 330 tons, and there’s still more to go!

One of the secrets to our effective harvesting lies in what we call the “Train Method”. It’s efficient, fast, and amazingly fun as the trains (teams) compete with one another as they fly down one row after the other!