Alexandra Lindstrom

Who is the Authority on Jewish Life in Hebron? There are four places in Israel where the Bible records the Jewish people purchasing land. The ownership of many locations in Israel is often disputed by the Palestinians and much of the world, but the following four places unquestionably belong to Israel. References in the Bible record these places being bought for money, and in several instances, a deed of purchase was given in return: Shechem – Jacob bought a parcel of land from the sons of Hamor for 100 pieces of money (Genesis 33:19) Anathoth – Jeremiah bought a parcel of land just outside of Jerusalem for 17 shekels of silver and buried the deed in a clay pot (Jeremiah 32:9-10). The Temple Mount – David bought the threshing floor of Arunah for 50 shekels of silver (2 Samuel 24-25) The Cave of the Patriarchs – Abraham bought the field and cave in Hebron from Ephron the Hittite for 400 shekels of silver as a burial place for his wife Sarah (Genesis 23:14-18) It is no coincidence that the Torah portion that Jews all over the world study each week recently happened to be the story of Sarah’s death and Abraham’s purchase of the cave and land in Hebron. Just this week, newly appointed Defense Minister Naftali Bennet announced the approval of a new Jewish neighborhood to be built in Hebron. The plan will call for building 70 new apartments and could double the current population of 800 Jewish residents! There has been some controversy over . . . read more. Click Here to Read the Full... Read MoreRead More

The Nation’s Won’t Buy Anti-Israel UN Resolutions Anymore – Podcast

Thirteen nations voted against anti-Israel UN resolutions for the first time. A real estate conference in Eilat this week included Judea and Samaria in their planning and discussions. Defense Minister Naftali Bennet has approved construction in Hebron that will double the Jewish population. Zac Waller joins Luke Hilton in the studio this week to discuss HaYovel’s vision and mission. Why do we serve Israel’s farmers and bring Christians from all over the world to Israel’s biblical heartland? Listen to this week’s... Read MoreRead More

Join Us For Hanukkah in Israel

Are you a Christian in Israel, wondering exactly what is going on in Samaria? Maybe you’ve heard about people coming from nations all over the world to help Jewish farmers plant vineyards, harvest grapes and fulfill prophecy, but you’re not quite sure if it’s all legit? Now is your chance to come see for yourself! On Sunday, December 22nd from 2:00-7:00 PM, you are invited to: Plant a tree on Har Bracha Take a tour of the HaYovel base and area Enjoy a glass of Har Bracha wine Have dinner and light the first candle of the Hanukkiah Price is $50 per person. Please come and celebrate the miraculous agricultural restoration of Samaria! To sign up, follow these steps: Click Here Choose “One Day Programs” from the drop down menu Click “Sign Up Now” Click Here to Sign Up *Depending on need, we may be able to offer one pickup and transport from Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem, as well as return transport after the program... Read MoreRead More

Time to Expand the Tourism Industry into Judea and Samaria

Israel’s Heartland – The Untapped Gold Mine of Tourism When HaYovel first came to Israel fifteen years ago, tourism attracted very few people to Judea and Samaria. Despite the fact that more than 80% of the Bible was written in, or occurred in the heartland, Christians were so misinformed, that there was zero to little interest in coming here. The heartland itself was not ready to accommodate tourists either. There were very few tourist sites, restaurants, facilities, and all of the typical things that attract the tourism industry. Hardly any tours ventured inside the place that the world calls the West Bank. Today, however, all of this is shifting. Since I first started coming to Israel eleven years ago, I have seen a dramatic change. While one cannot say that tourism is booming in the heartland, it is definitely growing by leaps and bounds. Nearly every week, HaYovel hosts individuals and groups on the Mt of Blessing. They come to see the biblical Mt Gerizim, hear the story about the prophetic vineyards, and take in the incredible views. Just this week alone, we have hosted nearly ten groups at our base on the Mt of Blessing. There is a story that is receiving little attention in the news recently that has the potential to change the face of tourism in Judea and Samaria. Former mayor of Jerusalem and current Knesset Member Nir Barkat has put together a plan to attract Christians who are visiting Israel to include the biblical heartland in their itineraries. . . Click Here to Read the Full... Read MoreRead More

Grazing Cattle on the Mountains of Israel – Podcast

Can grazing livestock in desolate areas restore wildlife, trees, grasses, and water sources? Find out on today’s podcast. Nate Waller joins Luke Hilton again this week to discuss the process of desertification, and how intentional grazing of livestock can reverse that process, and restore the eco-cycles to what they once were. Hear about how God is putting together all the pieces for HaYovel to potentially spearhead a project in Israel to restore the desolate places through livestock. Listen to this week’s... Read MoreRead More
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