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2020 Vision, No Money to Terrorists, & the Coup Against Netanyahu

Join Joshua and Luke as they kick off the show talking about entering 2020 with new clarity and vision. In this week’s podcast: Is Netanyahu actually guilty of high crimes? The Palestinian Authority is enraged about measures being taken by Israel and the European Union to try and stop the funds being paid to terrorists Learn about the charges being brought against Prime Minister Netanyahu as Luke and Joshua dive into what he is being Indicted for Rain continues to come down on the Mount of Blessing! Make sure to follow us on the platform of your choice! Listen to this week’s... Read MoreRead More

Today is the Last Day

The world condemns. You restore. Today is the deadline to reach our goal for our end of year fundraising campaign, and we’re almost there! We are currently at 80%, and it is only because of you. The world continues to condemn Israel on a daily basis. People just like you, however, continue to stand, strengthen and restore Israel. Christians from all over the world stood with Israel’s biblical heartland in 2019. We are preparing for hundreds, if not thousands more to stand with Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria in 2020. You can help. Your support will enable more Christians to place their hands and feet in Israel’s soil in 2020. Your investment helps more farmers thrive, prosper and settle in the biblical heartland. Your gifts enable HaYovel to plant thousands of trees, covering the hills of Israel with forests. Your gift restores Israel.  >>Count me in for a critical investment before the end of the year Donate Now – Less than 24 Hours Left to Give Giving right now is also a smart investment due to matching donors. All donations made today will be QUADRUPLED for 4X the impact. All donations given in the USA are also tax deductible. We have several ways you can give:  Click here to donate online.  Call 971-205-2197 to make your gift over the phone. Mail a check to: HaYovel P.O. Box 19 Greenville, MO, 63944 If you are sending a check, send an email to Luke@HaYovel.com and let us know your pledge amount so that it can count towards the end of year fundraiser. >>>I’m ready to donate and help restore Israel I’m sending a check in the mail Donate online now – time is running short Would you like to see more Christians from all over the world come to Israel in 2020 to serve Israeli farmers, connect to the people and experience the land of their faith? You can enable HaYovel to launch into 2020 strong by making your most generous end of year contribution now. Time is critical. We have less than 24 hours left to meet our goal, and we are currently at 80%! >>>Yes, count me in to help HaYovel launch into 2020... Read MoreRead More

Is It Brash to Say We Are Walking Out the Words of the Prophets?

Maybe it was the journey God had me on in 2004 that initiated such a stirring when Nir, an Orthodox Jewish vineyard owner, spoke the words of the Prophet Jeremiah, “Again …”. Let’s pause there for a minute. I am thankful for the path God has led me on to get to this place, and I am looking forward to the destination(s) ahead. If you have been around anyone from HaYovel, you likely heard them say, “We are literally walking out the words of the prophets.” Oh my! >>Give now before our deadline on December 31st, 2019 Can someone, a Christian, be so brash, so arrogant to say that they are “walking out the words of the prophets”? Nir had no reservation in making such a statement. It was his confidence, his faith, that awakened me to understand Paul when he said that the promises of God are irrevocable (Romans 11:29 & Galatians 3:15,17). In an even more mysterious statement, he said, “God preached the Gospel to Abraham beforehand, saying, ‘In you, all the nations of the earth shall be blessed”’ (Galatians 3:8). There are some extreme replacement theology denominations who believe that the “Old” Testament, including the Psalms and Prophets, were done away with when Jesus died and was resurrected. Most Christian denominations, however, will agree that Jeremiah 31 is an important chapter because it refers to the “New Covenant” and is mentioned in the New Testament in Hebrews 8:8-12. By the way, it is interesting that the writers of the New Testament used the “Old Testament” to validate their writings, but Christians use the “New Testament” to discredit the “Old Testament.” I believe most people outside of our faith would say this is odd – don’t you think? “Behold, the days are coming, says the LORD, when I will make a New Covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah—not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt, My covenant which they broke, though I was a husband to them, says the LORD. But this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the LORD: I will put My law in their minds, and write it on their hearts, and I will be their God, and they shall be My people. No more shall every man teach his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, ‘Know the LORD,’ for they all shall know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them, says the LORD. For I will forgive their iniquity, and their sin, I will remember no more”  (Jeremiah 31:31-34 NKJV). In my last article, Has Santa taken a serious role in the Trans-Fat identity movement, we walked through what led up to the “outpouring of the Holy Spirit” in Joel 2:28 and Acts 2-5. Let’s do the same with Jeremiah 31 since, again, it is validated in Hebrews 8:8-12. And since the writer of Hebrews defines the “New Covenant” through Jeremiah 31:31-42 I am going out on a limb here to say that the writer of Hebrews would also believe that all of chapter 31 was credible. To go further out on this same limb I would say that he believed the Prophet Jeremiah himself was credible. Now that we believe that Jeremiah is a trustworthy prophet, we will start where we left off above with “again.” We know Jeremiah is in the process of leaving or has already left Israel to live in Babylon. So “again” would indicate a prophetic promise to one day see or experience something again. Jeremiah 31 Because I love you with an everlasting love …again I will and you shall: Verse 4: Rebuild Israel Verse 5: Plant vines on the mountains of Samaria Verse 6: Cry for Zion, the place where God dwells (let’s assume Zion is a real place in Jerusalem as it was in Jeremiah’s day) Verse 8-14: Regather the descendants of Israel Verse 28: Restore the land Please do not be offended by what I’m about to say. It has not been easy to make the “HaYovel” presentation to a church who, for the most part, does not identify with most of what I’ve written in this article or believe in the physical reality of prophecy concerning Israel. As with any initiative, whether it is a business or a non-profit, there must be a capital investment. With a business, you may invest by purchasing a product or service. With a non-profit, you invest because you believe in the cause. With HaYovel, we offer several ways to invest. The three primary ways are prayer, feet, and donations. We have 2 days left to reach our end of year fundraising goal. >>>Give now for 4X the impact. I appreciate the investment that so many of you have sown into HaYovel. Many of you believe as I do that God is moving and are extremely excited about it. We have generous donors who came on board before this campaign began to motivate others to get involved by allowing us to offer a matching fundraiser that will allow your donation to be multiplied 4X. We will not have another opportunity like this in the near future. As of this writing, we have 91 investors in the only Christian organization giving 100% support to Jeremiah’s prophetic vision. Notzrim in Hebrew means watchmen. Notzrim in modern Hebrew also means Christians. Jeremiah 31:6 is prophesying that there will be a day when the watchmen or Christians will cry on Mount Ephraim. Time is short. At midnight, on December 31st, we must reach our goal in our end of year fundraising campaign. Please consider making your most generous donation now. >>Give now, and make 4X the impact. That day has come. I believe Jeremiah’s New Covenant Messianic Kingdom is just ahead. As God is moving, the Watchmen must take their positions.   Tommy Waller Founder & President, HaYovel Donate now. All donations QUADRUPLED for 4X the... Read MoreRead More

2019 Accomplishments & 2020 Vision

2019 in Review & 2020 Vision Fifteen years ago, a man named Tommy Waller took his family and went to Israel to help an Orthodox Jewish farmer plant, prune and harvest his vineyard. He had no idea that he was starting a worldwide movement. Today, thousands of Christians from all over the world have joined the movement, and farmers all over Israel have benefited from volunteers’ labor of love in their fields. HaYovel began as one family from middle Tennessee assisting one Jewish farmer in Samaria (incorrectly known as the West Bank). 15 years later, our mission remains the same – to serve Israel’s farmers. The movement, however, has expanded to allow Christians from all over the world to deepen their faith in the biblical heartland, experience Israel’s land and people through hands-on service, and become a direct ambassador on behalf of Israel to their home country. Since HaYovel’s inception in 2004, 3,000 Christians from 30 countries have come to Judea and Samaria to volunteer their time and resources and to provide quality work and hearts of love – a love that has not been seen for the last 2,000 years. Through simply serving, they are working to reverse centuries of horrific persecution that was done in the name of Christianity. Through service, they declare their belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and their belief that the covenant that God made with Abraham is still valid today. These are the countries that our volunteers have come from: United States Great Britain Scotland Norway Sweden Denmark France Spain Malta United Arab Emirates South Africa Germany Austria Finland Latvia Australia New Zealand Singapore Hong Kong India Canada Peru Guadalupe Venezuela Bolivia Columbia Japan South Korea Bulgaria In 2019, we had 223 volunteers come to Israel to serve Israeli farmers by pruning, planting and harvesting vineyards all throughout Judea and Samaria. We also hosted hundreds more people from the nations on the Mount of Blessing, including 300 people on a tour with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, bestselling author and noted speaker in the U.S. In 2019, we also helped harvest nectarines in the Golan Heights (recently recognized as under Israel’s sovereignty by President Donald Trump), planted trees on the Mt. of Blessing (Samaria) and Bat Ayin (Judea), and helped with countless other projects throughout Israel. All together, we were able to serve 11 farmers in 2019. As we close 2019, and look forward to the year ahead, we are seeing 20/20 vision ahead. 2019 was a year of much growth, organization, planning and restructuring. Internally, we went through vigorous training in organizational structure, spiritual growth and leadership and business development. We clarified our vision and mission statement, re-ordered our priorities, and narrowed our Israel vision to a focused beam. As we prepare for the new year, we are feeling that there is exponential growth on the road ahead. Pruning 2020 is already packed out (submit your applicationASAP to reserve your spot), and we are working on a number of brand new projects that we plan to launch in 2020. Here’s just a sampling of what is on our plate for 2020: Greening Israel Project – Phase 1 & potentially Phase 2: Phase 1: tree plantings and reforestation throughout Samaria Phase 2: graze livestock in deserted areas to restore land, trees, wildlife and water sources Day in the Heartland Events: one day volunteer events in the heartland. Weekend in the Heartland: four day volunteer programs in the heartland. Book projects: We are currently working on 3-4 book projects, putting together what we have learned in Israel over the last 15 years. The above is just the start of what we know God has in store for 2020. We would like to invite you to join us. The world is turning against Israel, and at the same time, Christians are experiencing turmoil in their own faith as confusion prevails. Aligning with Israel not only gives the opportunity to serve as our Messiah said to serve, but it also grounds you in your faith, providing clarity and vision as you pull away from the world for an experience in Israel like none other. Will you stand with Israel in this next year and experience 2020 vision for your life? HaYovel has three ways for you to get involved with our ministry: Come – volunteer in Israel, and deepen your faith like you never have before. Donate – we only have a few days left in our end of year fundraising campaign, and all donations are being matched 4X for quadruple the impact! Give here now. Pray – Psalm 122 says to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. This is our mandate. Our invitation stands – align yourself with Israel, and experience God’s 20/20 vision in this next year of your life. Donate to our end of the year... Read MoreRead More

Wind, Rain, and the Story of Hanukkah

Joshua and Luke kick off the show by telling how they just became homeless on the Mt of Blessing. Rain and wind in the land of Israel however, is always a blessing. Is Hanukkah relevant for Christians, and if so, how? Luke gives the real story of Hanukkah in short form, and then Joshua shares some amazing statistics and miracles about the holiday, and why we should be connected to the story of Hanukkah today. Happy Hanukkah from HaYovel! Please be sure to follow our podcast on the platform of your choice! Listen to this week’s... Read MoreRead More