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Was it worth the risk?

Was Independence Worth the Risk? By Ben Hilton “The land of Israel was the birthplace of the Jewish people. Here their spiritual, religious and political identity was shaped. Here they first attended statehood, created cultural values of national and universal significance and gave to the world the eternal Book of Books… Accordingly, we, the members of the People’s Council…hereby declare the establishment of a Jewish State in Eretz-Israel, to be known as the State of Israel!” But there were no illusions that the price they would pay for that nation would not be heavy. Multiple Arab armies stood ready, prepared to sweep the fledgling state into the cold waters of the Mediterranean the minute Great Britain ended her mandate. The stakes were high. Winning the war of independence for Israel would be accompanied by an abundant sacrifice of blood and pain, and the tragic loss of some of her finest people. If they lost, there would likely be no survivors. With the stakes so high, was declaring a state at that precise moment in history worth the risk? Was it that vital to the Jewish people’s existence? For many peoples throughout history, declaring independence from a foreign power was an ideal—the opportunity to rise to something better. This was partially the case for Israel, but not the entirety. Israel was fighting for an ideal—the ideal of returning to their homeland after 2,000 years of exile and establishing a kingdom in the land promised to them by God never to be removed again. But deeper than that ideal lay a chilling truth. You see, ever since Israel lost their independence to the Romans in 63 BCE, they had been subjected to every cruelty imaginable. Never in the history of the world have a people been so continually persecuted from one successive generation to the next. For centuries, the Jewish people had tried to assimilate as other conquered nations did, but without success. Time and time again, they were taxed unjustly, converted to other religions by force, banished from countries, and exterminated by genocide. It seemed the harder they tried to assimilate into their host countries, the worse their situations became. Nowhere were they truly at home. Nothing finalized this point in the minds of Jewish people around the globe as much as the Holocaust. To be humiliated, rounded up, starved, tortured, shot, and gassed in horrendous numbers in country after country in Europe was more than any long-suffering people could bear. And to add insult to injury, few countries, even Western countries, stood to their defense. In most European countries, there was little resistance to the Jewish extermination. In many places, there was active participation. Some Western countries, including the United States, unofficially lowered their already low immigration quotas for Jewish people. The United States also refused to bomb Auschwitz, even though they had scores of bombers hitting targets all around it during the time. They even refused a refugee ship full of desperate Jewish survivors, firing a warning shot to keep it off the coast of Florida, sending the refugees back to Hitler’s death camps. No, if the Jewish people were to survive, they must make their own destiny, and it would have to be their own state in the land of Israel— the only place they truly belonged. This is a point Golda Meir made very clear in her famous appeal to the United States Jewish community for support in 1947: “I want you to believe me when I say that I came on this special mission to the United States today not to save 700,000 Jews. During the last few years the Jewish people lost 6,000,000 Jews, and it would be audacity on our part to worry the Jewish people throughout the world because a few hundred thousand more Jews were in danger. That is not the issue. The Issue is that if these 700,000 Jews in Palestine can remain alive, then the Jewish people as such are alive and Jewish independence is assured. If these 700,000 people are killed off, then for many centuries, we are through with this dream of a Jewish people and a Jewish homeland.” And they did remain alive. With God’s help, the Jewish people won their war of survival, their bid for independence, and are stronger than ever today as a nation and a people. God’s people are finally free in their own land, with their own army, government, schools, and institutions. They are making innovating discoveries at an astounding rate, blessing the very nations that sought their destruction not so many years ago. And they are turning to God. Israel is one of the only countries in the entire world that is becoming more religious and conservative with each passing year. Maybe this is in fulfillment of the prophecy God spoke to the prophet Ezekiel: “For I will take you from among the nations, gather you out of all countries, and bring you into your own land. Then I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you shall be clean.” (Ezekiel 36:24-25) Click Here to Read More Articles Like... Read MoreRead More

The Undeniable Miracle of the State of Israel – Podcast

This week’s show is special – we are celebrating Israel’s 72nd anniversary as a nation! To celebrate, we aired several clips from our special broadcast in Jerusalem this week. You’ll hear from Israel’s Christian and Jewish pioneers. The miraculous nature of Israel’s existence, modern history and innovation is impossible to deny. Our place as Christians is either to sit on the sidelines and watch, or take our role in the enacting of the restoration of God’s Kingdom. Listen to Yishai Fleisher, AnaRina Heymann, Lars Enarson, and Sharon Sanders as they bring you the miracle of Israel’s rebirth. Join with us in celebrating what is happening in the land of Israel today. The Joshua and Caleb Report podcast is a weekly show that broadcasts radical, biblical truths straight from Israel’s biblical heartland. Don’t settle for lies and negativity – listen to our weekly show to be empowered to stand confidently with God’s land and people. Partial music in this episode is by Bryan Atkinson, original game and media composer. You can find out more about Bryan’s work at bryanatkinson.productions. Listen via Spotify Listen via Apple... Read MoreRead More

Christians Meet Israel – A Brand New Israel Book!

  Christians Meet Israel  ~  30-Day Devotional Written by Zac Waller Have you found that it is no longer possible to ignore the incredible things that are happening in Israel? Is it any accident that in the 72 years since Israel became a nation we have seen countless miraculous events take place in the Land of Israel? Still, the questions remain: “Is this the hand of God at work? How does this affect me as a Christian? Didn’t the Church replace Israel?” HaYovel presents “Christians Meet Israel,” a 30-day devotional, written by Zac Waller, digging into the prophetic things that are happening in Israel and laying out a biblical perspective on what the response of Christianity should be. Order Your Copy With a Discount Purchase on Amazon “My prayer is that Zac Waller’s “Christians meet Israel” will help the church to understand that the church has not replaced Israel, that God’s covenant with Israel still stands, that as God’s “firstborn son”, their destiny was and is to be a light to the nations.” ~ Don Finto, Founder – Caleb Company.   “I finished your devotional and wanted to say well done!  It’s timely, informative and inspirational.” ~ Chris Mitchell, Middle East Bureau Chief – CBN News   “First, let me say it was a blessing to be able to read your new devotional project. It is brilliant and a great idea. It is written in this generation’s style of writing and layout, and gives everyone a guide how to pray when we need so much more prayer for Israel as well as it is geared to “make them think” about their role in caring for Israel. Your views are right on. Your characterization of Israel is realistic and this devotional is very necessary for such a time as this. I admire your courage. You have shown your ability to produce a good piece of literature to help Christians to come to the wells of Jacob to drink. May all those who read your devotional see through the same lens as you (and I) do.” ~ Sharon Sanders – Christian Friends of Israel   Click Here to Order the Devotional For 2,000 years, Israel had become completely desolate. For Christians, any seed of hope that Israel might reclaim her God-given role was crushed by all prominent Christian pastors and theologians. Israel was simply irrelevant––long lost in the annals of history as the place that was once God’s capital on earth. Yet, Israel’s resurrection in 1948 produced a major shift. The Israel question could no longer be left in the recesses of bygone days. The words of God spoken by prophets three thousand years ago were being fulfilled in perfect detail! This reality has pushed theologians back to the drawing board, pastors to the Bible, and all Christians to fear the God of Heaven who is faithful to His promises. Why did God choose a land and people? God created the entire world. Does He show favoritism to Israel? How does Yeshua (Jesus) fit into this narrative? Was Yeshua a Zionist? God has resurrected the literal nation of Israel. How should we, as Christians, relate to it? Order Your Copy at a Discounted Rate! Purchase on Amazon   Purchase Internationally! This title is also available for puchase on Amazon in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan,... Read MoreRead More

Free Registration – Celebrate with Us on Thursday

Every day brings the unexpected. Global pandemics. A spreading virus. We’re only seeing negative news in the media. Are you ready to break the cycle with some good news? Most places are still in lockdown, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate! We called many of our good friends here in Israel, and they agreed to join us for a one day, virtual event that will be broadcasted all over the world! That’s right – you can celebrate, learn, be inspired, and encouraged from wherever you are on Thursday, April 30th, 2020. That’s only three days from now! Click here to register for the event for guaranteed access. It’s completely free, and by registering, you’ll also receive access to the replay for a limited time. Click Here to Register Confirmed Speakers:  AnaRina Heymann (Align With Zion) Ari Abramowitz (The Land of Israel Network) Jeremy Gimpel (The Land of Israel Network) Rabbi Yehuda Glick (Shalom Jerusalem Foundation) Tommy Waller (HaYovel) Yishai Fleisher (The Land of Israel Network) Lars Enarson (Watchman International) John Enarson (Cry For Zion) Rabbi Tuly Weisz (Israel365, Breaking Israel News) Israel Medad (Writer, Journalist, Spokesman for Israel’s Heartland) Dr. Jurgen Buhler (International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem) Sharon Sanders (Christian Friends of Israel) This event is completely free, and will be streamed live from Israel on Thursday, April 30th. Can’t watch at those times? Don’t worry, we’ll have the replay up and available only for those who register for a limited amount of time. To guarantee access, and make sure you can watch the replay, register for free today. In the midst of so much world turmoil, let’s celebrate something positive for a change. And what could be better than celebrating Israel’s birthday on April 30th? We look forward to seeing you on the broadcast. Click Here to Register Ready for some positive news for a change? Register free for our virtual “Celebrate the Miracle” event broadcasted from Israel this Thursday at 10:00 AM Central... Read MoreRead More

Will You Sponsor a Pair of Boots?

Do you know what is unique about this world pandemic? WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! No matter where you are in the world, what age, gender, denomination, or nationality you are – we’re all more or less stuck – either in our homes or our communities. We’re all working together to combat COVID-19 so that we can return to normal life soon.  However, times are still uncertain. We feel it as much as you do. Most of you have probably had your personal plans disrupted for the foreseeable future. Travel plans canceled. Jobs put on hold or even lost. Uncertain financial security. School cancelled. Here at HaYovel, this is the time of year when we normally travel to the United States to network at conferences, speak at churches, and fundraise and recruit for our mission in Israel. We’ve had to cancel all of these plans(including our annual gala), and narrow in on our digital outreach. Many of you have signed up for one of our volunteer programs this summer or fall. Don’t worry – we’re not canceling any trips yet, although we’re certainly keeping a close eye on things. For all those who are affected by COVID-19, we are praying for you daily.Whether you are experiencing health challenges or financial uncertainty, our prayers go out to you from Zion. Our U.S. travel plans and the annual gala event that we had to cancel were a big part of our financial success plans for 2020. God has always provided for our needs, and we are confident in His provision. However, we have experienced a significant drop in our regular donations, which for a ministry on a tight budget is a little scary.  It is totally understandable however – many of you are experiencing the same financial difficulties! If you are able, will you assist HaYovel during this difficult time of crisis? Click here to Give Now We recently launched a new initiative called “Boots on the Ground,” a fundraising project directed to empowering the staff of HaYovel. When you become a “Boots” partner, you will enable us to host more volunteers in Israel, broadcast more content to the world, and connect more people to the restoration of God’s Kingdom. It’s like putting diesel in the tractor so that it can run. It’s like watering your garden so that it will grow. It is ultimately providing for our staff and volunteers to continue the work in Israel.  Will you donate to “Boots on the Ground” to help HaYovel through this world crisis?  Click Here to Sponsor a Pair of Boots P.S. Right now is a critical time for HaYovel. Please donate to help us get through this difficult time in world... Read MoreRead More