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What Happens When Ordinary Meets Extraordinary?

Announcing a brand new short film, entitled “What Happens When Ordinary Meets Extraordinary – Right Before Our Eyes”. In this latest short film, Britt Waller (from BDS or the Bible) returns in this latest tale of Wyatt returning from his first trip to Israel. When questioned by his friend (Havah Waller) about his trip, he just cannot put his experience into words, until he relives the moments of the trip through a different lens. The difference in his perspective, is to say the least, extraordinary! We are entering our short film in the “Inspired by Israel” video contest, and the voting starts today! You can watch the video, and cast your vote for us by clicking here. Voting only goes from now until August 13th, and at the close of that time, the top 10 videos with the most votes will then go to the judging period. To make it to the judging period, we need all of your help to vote for our video! Head on over, and cast your vote now! Then, help us out by sharing the video with all of your friends and family.   WATCH THE NEW... Read MoreRead More

Invited To Israel

Yesterday we highlighted Randy and Lynne Hilton, our Directors of Volunteer Enrollment. Throughout the time that they have served in this position, they have heard countless stories of miraculous provision. Stories of large families who have a deep desire to touch the soil in the Holy Land, singles who want to stand with Israel in a tangible way, and stories of how God miraculously provided the funds for them to fulfill that desire. If you have that same desire to dig your hands in the soil of the Holy Land, but don’t know how you can afford it, read this book! Invited To Israel is a compilation of stories sharing how God made a way when there seemed to be no way. Check it out, and be... Read MoreRead More

Staff Highlight of the Week

*Staff Highlight of the Week*   Randy & Lynne Hilton (Directors of Volunteer Enrollment)   If you have been to any of our trips in Israel, you most likely know who Randy and Lynne are. As the Directors of Volunteer Enrollment, they interview almost every volunteer who joins us on the mountains, answering any questions they may have and preparing them for their stay in Israel. They wear many hats, however, serving also in our International Advocacy department, as part of our leadership team, and as elders during HaYovel trips and programs.   Follow the link to read the entire story of how God led them to... Read MoreRead More

Get A Journey Home and Be Inspired!

Yesterday we posted our first “Staff Highlight” featuring none other than Tommy and Sherri Waller, HaYovel’s founder and co-founder (respectively). We shared a bit of their story, but if you would like to hear more we encourage you to check out the documentary that was filmed detailing their amazing journey from corporate America, to the Amish community, to serving the farmers in Israel.   Get a copy of A Journey Home in the Yovel Shop and prepare to be... Read MoreRead More

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