Alexandra Lindstrom

Staff Highlight of the Week

Stefania Bikowsky – Donor Relations Manager In 2011, Stefania made her first trip to Israel to volunteer with HaYovel and was always looking for ways to help out within the organization. Since 2011, she’s made five more trips to the Land with HaYovel. It was always a deep desire of hers to be a part of the HaYovel staff and become more involved in the restoration process. In November 2016, Stefania came on staff full-time and began working as the Donor Relations Coordinator. She is the fourth oldest of 10 children and lives in Ohio. She is passionate about what God is doing in Israel, and has made the decision to devote the rest of her life to seeing the Land of Israel brought back to life, and Jerusalem made a praise in all the... Read MoreRead More

Only 2 Days Left to Register For Pruning!

Registration for the 5-week and 3-week pruning trips closes on December 25th! If you have been thinking about joining us for the 2019 Pruning, now is the time to apply. Join us on the mountains of Israel and be immersed in the prophetic restoration of the Holy Land.   Register... Read MoreRead More

Staff Highlight of the Week

Luke Murphy – Director of Transportation Luke Murphy was born and raised in Colorado and has had a passion to serve the Jewish people from a very young age. Luke serves as our Transportation Director. His responsibilities include the booking of all flights for our staff and for our volunteers, organizing all of our vehicle rentals, as well as specific transportation details and logistics for each day of the harvest and pruning trips. Luke is excited to be taking part in what God is doing in the land of Israel before our very... Read MoreRead More

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

One of our highest priority projects is investing in vehicles for our on-the-ground operations in Israel. Each year, HaYovel spends approximately $50,000 renting vehicles in Israel. In addition, we have large costs for bus rental which can be decreased by obtaining our own vehicles. These rental costs are a huge financial burden on the organization, as the money spent on renting transportation does not benefit us in the long term. Also, due to the nature of HaYovel’s work in agriculture, we need vehicles that can handle the rough terrain of the fields in which we work. Vehicle rental companies in Israel do not offer these types of vehicles, which makes things even more challenging. We are looking to purchase several cars and trucks in Israel, which would enable us to run our own operations, greatly lightening the financial burden on HaYovel and enabling us to accomplish more and make a bigger difference in Israel. If you have any questions, we would love to hear them! You can email us at info@hayovel.com or give us a call at 573-222-0460. Thank you for standing with Israel! Nate Waller Volunteer Logistics Manager   Support This... Read MoreRead More

HaYovel is Now a Jcommerce Group Affiliate

Exciting news! HaYovel is now a part of the affiliate directory for JCommerce, the largest e-commerce enterprise in the world that services the Jewish Community. How it works: Find HaYovel in the directory, click on our link to shop, and JCommerce will donate 5-10% of your order total to HaYovel. It’s that simple! Follow the link to find us in the directory and start shopping!... Read MoreRead More