Andrew Parsons

Podcast: United Nations, Terrorism, and Their Relevance for Christians

Is the U.N. relevant for Israel and pro-Israel Christians? Is their refusal to condemn Hamas the reason for the latest terrorist attacks in Israel? Listen to this week’s show for insight into how the U.N. has treated Israel over the years, why they are no longer a credible source regarding Israel, and what the Christian responsibility is to stand up for Israel. At the end, special guest Tom Smith joins the show to share his testimony of being in Israel for the Pruning season.... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: Fires, Bears & Politics

This week’s podcast discusses the fires in California, including a property where Joshua and Caleb once went bear hunting that has now been destroyed. In other news, everyone is speculating on whether or not Israel is going to have early elections. Also, listen to a personal and inside view of how men’s lives have been changed in the land of Israel.... Read MoreRead More

New Video: From Passion to Reality

Have you ever seen a small, magnified section of a picture without seeing the entire image? It usually leaves you with a lot of questions. But as soon as you see the entire picture, it not only answers your questions but brings it to life in a whole new way. Meet Corey Jewell. He’s a police officer, worship leader and father of 4 from Austin, Texas. After years of reading Scripture, going to church and leading worship, he realized he was only seeing part of the picture. Watch this video and be inspired by Corey’s journey, as he discovers the reality of the Bible. It unfolds as a living, loving guideline for worshiping our Heavenly Father that turns into full-color reality in the land of... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: Cold Missouri, Gaza, and the Quiet Biblical Heartland

When 500 rockets are being shot out of Gaza, the Biblical Heartland remains quiet, even to the extent of airplanes being routed to fly over Samaria on their way to or from Ben Gurion Airport. On this week’s show, the trio is back in cold Missouri, recording on their brand new podcasting equipment which many of you helped sponsor. Get the scoop on the latest news from Israel, including what’s happening in Gaza, and the possibility of early elections in the... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: Covenantal Land Deed Records

How many records in Scripture do we find of land purchases that were paid for and recorded? You may be shocked to learn about land purchases from Scripture, and where those places are today. It is not coincidental that the entire world is specifically against these places, as well as all of the places where God made a covenant with His Land and People. Tune in today to find out what the world is standing against, and what we as Christians should be standing for!  ... Read MoreRead More