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Can’t Come to Israel? Harvest a Vine from Home

Is your heart longing to be in the vineyards this year? You can still take an active part in fulfilling biblical prophecy from home. When you donate, you will enable Christian volunteers to harvest grapevines on the mountains of Samaria, Israel (Jeremiah 31:5). For each vine harvested, our costs are $12. How many vines will you enable to be harvested this year? The money you donate will sponsor a volunteer to harvest those vines. This volunteer will be your hands and feet in Israel. Traveling to the Land, fulfilling biblical prophecy, and supporting the Jewish pioneers in Judea and Samaria. Click here to donate towards harvesting vines this year... Read MoreRead More

Prophecy Fulfilled – Photos from Pruning 2019

The winter pruning season of 2019 has come to a close. Praise the Lord for a blessed, successful and truly impactful season! The valiant men that came from countries all around the world have returned back to their families and communities with a new connection to Israel, a deeper relationship with God and a first-hand knowledge of what Israel is like and the things that are happening there. Are you interested in finding out more about our men’s pruning trip and what it was like? You can visit our volunteer page to watch videos, read testimonials and learn more.       Some thoughts from this year’s pruning team: It is said that after visiting Israel, you’ll never be the same. And it’s so true – the memories come alive going forward with new perspective and insight having stood in the place those biblical stories took place. But to join the HaYovel family in blessing the Jewish farmers by actually, physically expressing that love and support––it takes on a whole new meaning. By participating with HaYovel, you not only get to see and experience the sites and history of the Jewish people but are actually part of a prophecy foretold by the prophets . . . HaYovel is the real deal! Rog from Georgia, USA I had been waiting my entire Christian life to come to Israel and could not have chosen a better group to go with. I was enlightened, challenged and compelled to draw closer to my faith in a rock-solid way. HaYovel showed me a deeper understanding of the Biblical message for all of us. If you are looking to not just be a tourist but get an authentic experience of all angles of Israel and Biblical history, there’s no better way to do it . . . to get your hands on the land of which the Bible speaks is beyond rewarding. Joseph from Massachusetts, USA   Some photos from this... Read MoreRead More

2019 United States Speaking Tour


Contact us at speakingtours@hayovel.com or call (612) 758-0238 For 2,000 years, the words of the prophets seemed like dreams. Today, they are a reality.  For centuries, we believed an easy to swallow lie—a lie that said God had done away with the Jewish people, the nation of Israel, and the covenant that He made with Abraham. This was easy to believe after the people of Israel were scattered, their homeland destroyed, and their language faded to a forgotten dream. For centuries, Israel was exiled, beaten, killed, and driven from place to place, never finding a home. Sadly, much of this was done in the name of Christianity. In 1948, suddenly, the Jewish people received a home, and Israel became a global leader in innovation, military might, economy—you name it, and Israel is either leading the way, or a key player. For so many years, Israel had zero opportunity, and now, after only 70 years of being a state, their opportunity is limitless. 20 years ago, the idea of Christian-Jewish cooperation was almost unheard of. Not only were relations between Christians and Jews tense due to fears of renewed persecution or proselytization, but neither side had much understanding of the other. Today, all that is changing. Christians are beginning to wake up to the fact that they also have a part to play in this miraculous restoration of Israel’s land and people. Christianity persecuted, ignored and tried to replace the Jewish people for 2,000 years. Now, due to undeniable proof that completely obliterates replacement theology, Christians have a new opportunity—repent for our past, come to Israel in humility, and serve its land and people. The prophets even speak of this phenomenon (see Jeremiah 31:6, Isaiah 61:5 and Isaiah 52). For 15 years, HaYovel has been working in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, paving the way for Christians around the world to take their place in history by serving Israel’s farmers. This historical opportunity not only fulfills the ancient words of the prophets, but also changes the lives of those who are serving. This spring, we’re bringing this opportunity to you. Joshua Waller, Luke Hilton, and a few others will be traveling North America to invite you to step into this special story—a story of God’s Kingdom being restored.   INVITE US TO YOUR CONGREGATION TODAY With a dynamic short presentation, each team will be telling you how Christianity can reverse 2,000 years of history and step into the unique, life-changing opportunity that is before us today, simply by serving and supporting Israel. In May and June 2019, we will have 3 teams hitting the road and covering the lower East Coast, Southern U.S. and West Coast (and many states in between). Send us an email at speakingtours@hayovel.com or call (612) 758-0238 to invite a team to your area... Read MoreRead More

3 Reasons Why Christians Should Support the West Bank

by Luke Hilton 30th of Shevat, 5779 – February 5th, 2018 Should Christians support the right of the Jews to live in and settle Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, sometimes incorrectly known as “The West Bank”? Among the Christians that are familiar with what should more correctly be titled “Israel’s Biblical Heartland,” I would venture to say that more than 50% are against Jewish settlement there, and prefer to support the so-called “Palestinian narrative.” This is not an article that will try and solve the age-old Middle East peace conflict. It is, rather, a simplistic approach as to why I believe Christians should support Israel’s right to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria in 2019. To do this, I’ve outlined 3 reasons–some biblical, and some practical–as to why Christians should be standing with the most hotly contested piece of real estate in the world. #1 – Judea and Samaria Gives Hope In a world filled with darkness and ever-increasing evil, Israel’s Biblical Heartland stands out as a beacon of bright light, shining in the darkness. For example, there are 120,000 residents in the Shomron (Samaria) Regional Council, with an astounding 8% annual growth rate! The rest of Israel has a 1.8% annual growth rate. Obviously, their biggest reason for such a high growth rate is the average family size, as most families are Orthodox and have more than the average number of children. If you compare this with a simple online search for the world’s average population growth, you will only come up with 1.09%, which has steadily decreased every year for the last several years. It is obvious that Jewish families living in Samaria are flourishing! In a world where the average annual population growth is declining, Israel’s Shomron region alone stands out as a thriving, growing community.   #2 – The Majority of our Bible Was Written or Occurred There Yes, it’s true! Throughout Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, it’s impossible to throw a rock, sit down on a bench, dig a hole, or even build a parking lot without touching a story straight out of the Bible! Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and their descendants all the way to Yeshua (Jesus) traveled the Road of the Patriarchs (now called Road 60) when going to and from Jerusalem and beyond. If we simply start at Mt. Gerizim, we find the story of the woman at the well (John 4), as well as multiple stories of Yeshua stopping at the town of the Samaritans. From Mt. Gerizim, we could throw a rock and hit Joseph’s Tomb, as well as the field that Jacob bought (Genesis 33:19). Across from Mt. Gerizim is Mt. Ebal, where Joshua’s Altar (Joshua 8:30) still stands today, and where the tribes stood and listened as Joshua declared “as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” (Joshua 24:15) Across the valley is Elon Moreh, where Abraham stood in Genesis 12, when God first promised him the land. We don’t have the space or the time, but we would also pass by the stories of Micah, the Tabernacle at Shiloh, Jacob’s Ladder at Bethel, and Jeremiah’s field in Anathoth as we drive to Jerusalem from Mt. Gerizim. This list is only scraping the surface of Israel’s rich Biblical Heartland. Did you know that every time God gave or reaffirmed the covenant with the patriarchs, each instance also took place in Judea and Samaria? There is one exception – when God reaffirmed the covenant with Isaac while he was in Gerar (Genesis 26), also today known as the Gaza Strip. (Enough said, there.) God first spoke to Abraham in Elon Moreh (Genesis 12), He spoke to Jacob in Bethel (Genesis 28), and He walked Abraham through the covenantal process and later reaffirmed it in the region of Hebron (Genesis 15,17). All of these places are within the Biblical Heartland. Is it a coincidence that the places where God chose to promise and ratify His covenant with Israel are all under attack today?   #3 – Deeded Real Estate There are three places in the Bible that are recorded as being bought by the nation of Israel with a set price, and a signed deed of contract. Ironically, all three are currently being hotly contested by the enemies of God’s Word. First, we have Jacob’s Field, which is recorded as being bought by Jacob in Genesis 33:19: And he bought the parcel of land, where he had pitched his tent, from the children of Hamor, Shechem’s father, for one hundred pieces of money. Today, Jacob’s Field and Joseph’s Tomb (situated side by side) are in the midst of Shechem, also called Nablus, which is in Area A, a place that is illegal for Jews to enter, as mandated by the large red signs at the entrance to the city. Visits to Joseph’s Tomb for Israelis are allowed only 16 times per year, even though under the Oslo Accords, they were to have free access every day. The Tomb of the Patriarchs is located in Hebron and is home to Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, and Jacob and Leah, the patriarchs and matriarchs of the Jewish faith. In Genesis 23:16-18, we read the following: And Abraham listened to Ephron; and Abraham weighed out the silver for Ephron which he had named in the hearing of the sons of Heth, four hundred shekels of silver, the currency of the merchants. So the field of Ephron which was in Machpelah, which was before Mamre, the field and the cave which was in it, and all the trees that were in the field, which were within all the surrounding borders, were deeded to Abraham as a possession in the presence of the sons of Heth, before all who went in at the gate of his city. Even though we have a clear record of Abraham buying the land for 400 shekels of silver (today about $800,000 to 1 million), access to the site is severely restricted to Jews, and there are only a few days a year that they are allowed to visit the full site. Lastly, but most importantly, the Temple Mount is where the 1st and 2nd Temples stood, where the sages say that Abraham almost offered Isaac. Some speculate that the Garden of Eden was here, and more than all these, it is where the House of Prayer for all nations will one day stand when Messiah comes to rule and reign from Jerusalem. In 2 Samuel 24:24, we have the record of David buying this site: Then the king said to Araunah, “No, but I will surely buy it from you for a price; nor will I offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God with that which costs me nothing.” So David bought the threshing floor and the oxen for fifty shekels of silver. After the war of 1967, Israel gave control of the Temple Mount to Jordan, and even today, it is ruled by the Jordanian Waqf. Until two Israeli policemen were shot and killed by a Muslim terrorist several years ago, the political climate on the Temple Mount was almost unbearable for Jews and Christians. Personally, I have been with multiple groups who were shouted at, pushed, shoved, and several times expelled from the Mount for doing nothing more than visit the site. Today, although it is much quieter, no one but a Muslim is allowed to pray on the Mount, access is severely restricted to certain times and days of the week, and Jews and Christians are still harassed when visiting.   Standing with God and the Bible Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria – better known as the Biblical Heartland of Israel – is a place that provides us with hope, a light shining in a dark world. A place where more than 80% of our Bible was either written or took place. A place where we have three clearly recorded pieces of real estate bought and deeded to Israel. There are many more reasons Christians should support the “West Bank” this year, but these should be more than sufficient to spur us to action. HaYovel is the largest volunteer organization that brings foreign volunteers to Israel, and it is focused solely on helping Israel to settle these places that the rest of the world is against. Each year, hundreds of Christian volunteers flood Judea and Samaria with our organization to assist the local farmers with pruning, planting and harvesting grapes and olives in Judea and Samaria. Because of our volunteers, we are proud to say that many farmers today are thriving, growing and expanding. As Ezekiel 36:8 says, “But you, mountains of Israel, will produce branches and fruit for my people Israel, for they will soon come home.” As Christians from the nations, we are privileged to have a part in this prophetic restoration. This year, we invite you to join us, for a program unlike any tour you’ve ever taken to the Holy Land. Not only will you have the opportunity to get your hands in the soil of Israel, but you will connect with her land and people, become immersed in her rich culture and heritage, and leave as an educated and effective ambassador on behalf of Israel’s Heartland. You will be like the two spies of old, Joshua and Caleb, bringing a positive message of the good news of Israel to your home community. Go to www.ServeIsrael.com to find out more about our volunteer programs in Israel this year. As a Bible-believing Christian, we invite you to support the “West Bank” in... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: Temple Mount – A House of Prayer for Whom?

Air BnB seems to be trying to put a bandaid on a broken leg in regards to Judea and Samaria, but it doesn’t seem to be working. When will the terror end in Israel? God has a beautiful plan for all nations to participate in the redemption happening in Jerusalem, including coming up to worship God in His Temple, a house of prayer for all nations! It’s our decision to join in the global restoration movement.... Read MoreRead More