Andrew Parsons

A Flourishing Vine – by Havah Waller

My name is Gefin. I was born just a couple of weeks ago. The Messiah’s palm softly cradled me. I overheard Him say redemption was coming! I hoped He would plant me in the Promised Land. Wanting to take a look at this new world, I rolled myself to the edge of His hand.  A bramble tumbled by. A weed swayed in the wind. The desert sand released heat waves in every direction. In the distance, the mountains looked sorrowful, as if they had seen happier times, but now were forsaken and lonely. That was not the Promised Land I had heard of. Surely, I couldn’t be planted there! I was a small grape seed whose perfect design would be fitting for a place where kings would drink the wine I would produce. Suddenly I felt myself fall. A rock slid over me. I knew I was on one of those mountains.  To my surprise, the small bit of soil I found was rich and full of minerals, but the rocks were so numerous that I had to work hard to force my roots through. I thought that I might die, the first couple of days. Then, with great joy, I felt a few sprouts push out. I would live after all! Slowly and tediously, I began to grow. First an inch, then two, then three until my green leaves were beginning to bud. Now that I was on my feet, I decided to take another look at my surroundings. Surprisingly, instead of brambles I saw lush vines, instead of weeds I saw fig and pomegranate trees, and instead of the dull desert sand, I saw a few wildflowers blooming! My friend Anav told me the Messiah was coming to dwell with us as soon as our grapes ripened! I was so excited! One evening, I looked across the way and saw the fig tree blooming! I wanted to leap for joy! That could only mean one thing – the Messiah was on His way! Then, just as He said, the day that I was loaded down with fruit – He came! What a day of rejoicing it was! What I thought was impossible, He made possible – from desert to lush lands, from desolation to redemption. And He used me, one little vine that flourished.... Read MoreRead More

Shavuot is Here!


Shalom and Chag Sameach! “Entreat me not to leave you, or to turn back from following after you; for wherever you go, I will go; and wherever you lodge, I will lodge; your people shall be my people, and your God, my God. Where you die, I will die, and there will I be buried. The Lord do so to me, and more also, if anything but death parts you and me.” This famous quote, taken from Ruth 1:16-17, has become a theme verse for all of us who have thrown our lot in with the nation of Israel. It is quite intriguing that many Christians in our day have dedicated their lives to and put their faith in the Messiah, but have very limited knowledge about who He was and what He stood for. I also find it intriguing that many Christians seem very zealous to serve God but they refuse to acknowledge that He is greatly, fervently zealous for the land and people of Zion! How can this be? How can people who believe in God deny the very essence of who He is? Somehow we have disconnected. How do we re-connect? In Christianity, we put a lot of emphasis on relationship. Have you ever had a close relationship with someone and not been to their home? It’s amazing how much you can learn about and get to know someone just by being in their house, on their turf. Could it be that we have disconnected because we haven’t made an effort to visit God’s home – the place where His name dwells – the place where our Messiah lived? Maybe we should learn from Ruth! Read the verse again and notice where it says “wherever” “where” and “there.” Ruth was willing to GO to the place God chose to place His name and learn His ways! This Shavuot, as the book of Ruth is being read all over the world, let us as Christians invest ourselves in learning about who Yeshua is and what the God of Israel is passionate for. Let us heed Naomi’s instruction to “go to the fields of Boaz” – the Land of Israel! The King is coming! We have a lot to learn. Zac... Read MoreRead More