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You and I have the opportunity to embrace a move of God


I am writing this on Wednesday afternoon, May 1st. This evening begins Yom HaShoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel. Today, the heroic faces of the survivors of the most horrendous tragedy in human history are old and worn. The faces that still exist to tell their experiences, sadly will not be around for the next generation to know personally. It is still inconceivable and hard for me to believe that a first world nation in the modern era could justify and carry out the murder of six million people whose only crime was being Jewish. Even after this, the world was still apprehensive in granting the survivors a Jewish state. Recently, I looked up the total number of people who died in all the US wars to establish, protect and secure the United States of America. The number – 1,354,664. The total wounded – 1,498,240. The total is 2.85 million. Consider now six million Jews murdered, not over 140 years but within 5 to 6 years. Morally, as well as spiritually, we can have only one response to this atrocity – to support one hundred percent a Jewish State within the God-breathed borders He promised. Questions that must be answered by the nations and the Christian community: Why is it acceptable since 1967, among most nations including the US, to give consideration to those whose stated purpose is to annihilate the Jewish people “from the river to the sea”? Why is it acceptable for the majority of churches to be, at best, indifferent to the Biblical promise that this land would one day be restored to the people God chose in the place He also chose? There are innumerable scriptures referring to this physical restoration. There are many more questions we need to answer as Christians – Christians who claim to believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God. It has been the dream of HaYovel to change the narrative of the Christian Church to stand firmly on the promises of God. If we believe that 1948 and 1967 were miracles from God, then we also must believe that God is moving in this generation. If God is moving right now, it would seem right for anyone who calls themselves a Christian to recognize this move. Monday, May 6th, beginning at 6:00 PM we will celebrate the miracle at “The Factory” in Franklin, Tennessee. Come hear former Knesset Member, Rabbi Yehuda Glick speak about the miracle of an assassination attempt on his life when 4 bullets at close range, were shot into his chest. No one gave him any hope of survival. After several years of recovery, his message is stronger than ever. >>>Secure your spot to hear Yehuda Glick. You and I have the opportunity to step away from the sin of indifference and embrace the move of God. Join me as we make a declaration of faith and stand with Israel and with those who have suffered for the sake of God’s Name. Join me for an extraordinary event and let’s begin now together to change the narrative. I hope to see you there. >>>Get your tickets for the evening here. Tommy Waller President and Founder,... Read MoreRead More

In the most recent Israeli elections, Ezekiel 36 is seen!

In the most recent Israeli elections, Ezekiel 36 is seen! “I will bring you back to the Land and then I will sprinkle clean water on you”. The youngest voters, ages 18-24 voted 65% conservative! 17% voted liberal. We don’t see this happening anywhere else in the world! Israel is growing brighter and brighter and with a greater hunger for righteousness and conservative values with each new generation. Also in the graph, notice a major shift with a trend towards the conservative with the 45-54 age. This was the generation born with Jerusalem in 1967... Read MoreRead More

From a Tractor in Arkansas to the Mountains of Samaria


After the Israeli elections, things are quiet in Israel during the Passover season. With Family Week happening in Missouri though, 350 people have gathered to celebrate Passover, worship and pray together, and be inspired by wonderful teaching and fellowship. Special guest Jacob Wilson from Arkansas joins Joshua and Luke to tell his story of how he heard about serving in Israel on the radio while working on a tractor in his shop. Encouraging testimonies, a positive report from the Heartland of Israel, and so much more on this week’s show of the Joshua and Caleb Report... Read MoreRead More

Pesach Sameach! Happy Passover!

The feasts are so rich with meaning. It is always a joy to celebrate every year and dig a little deeper into their richness. This year, the two different names for this season’s festival caught my attention. The “Feast of Unleavened Bread” and “Passover” are both used many times in the Bible. Why these titles? Doesn’t it seem a little confusing to use two titles? Why not just call it the “Feast of the Exodus”? Or the “Feast of Deliverance”? Why “Passover”? Not allowing the Angel of Death to smite Israel is certainly significant, but isn’t freedom from slavery and exiting Egypt the main point? And the FEAST of Unleavened Bread??? That’s almost like saying the “Feast of Meatless Barbeque” or the “Feast of Unsweetened Cake”. That doesn’t sound very feast-like! “Passover” speaks of justification. In order to escape the wrath of God upon the firstborn, the Israelites were not required to be perfect. They were not required to perform more good deeds nor take on some form of asceticism to gain God’s favor. They only needed to obey God with one action—apply the blood to the doorpost. This act of submission and faith was it! That was all they had to do! “Unleavened Bread” speaks of sanctification. The night of the Lord’s Passover was not the end of the story! The next step was to begin a journey. Leaven represents sin. The rising process of leavened dough takes time. Once the leaven is there, it slowly rises from the inside out. Unlike salvation, which happened in that instant when we finally hit the breaking point and gave ourselves over to His salvation, leavening is a choice on the journey. It does or doesn’t happen, after salvation, on the way out of Egypt. The Feast of the Passover/Unleavened Bread reminds us of these two critical elements that God mercifully granted to all those who put their trust in Him. By His great mercy, we are justified and we are called to walk a path of sanctification. The children of Israel experienced deliverance from slavery, but it was quite a challenging and chastening journey getting to Mt. Sinai and on to the Promised Land. Where are you and how is your journey going? My prayer for all of us this Passover season is that we would more fully understand the wonder of being justified and that we would take another step on the journey of un-leavening and sanctification. Blessings, Zac... Read MoreRead More

The Hallel songs!

A special, pre-release of Brayden & Tali’s long awaited Hallel album is here! Purchase the album today, and get a sneak peek link of the album, just in time to sing for Passover! The hard copies will be mailed by June 1st, but by purchasing today, you will immediately receive a link to listen to all of these beautiful songs.... Read MoreRead More