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Happy Hanukkah from HaYovel

From all of the staff here at HaYovel, we would like to wish you a very Happy Hanukkah!  As the darkness in the world becomes darker, and all nations of the world turn their backs on Israel, may our light continue to shine brighter, as together, we work towards the restoration of God’s Kingdom back to Israel, when the pure light of the menorah will shine on the whole world, as God’s Word goes forth from... Read MoreRead More

The Dreams of the Prophets (by Tommy Waller)

As children, we dream. We dream about things that, for whatever reason, have been placed in our lives. We may have seen a fireman in uniform on a large fire truck and thought, “I want to be a fireman.” In our youth, we may have been inspired by a pastor or maybe a rabbi. We dreamed that maybe one day, we would inspire people in the same way. Achieving a dream is what books are written about – what movies are made of. Our surroundings, whether we know it or not (and whether we like it or not), limit and direct the fulfilment of our dreams. Joseph, whom we all know from the Scripture as a dreamer, seemed to be an exception to this rule. How could a shepherd boy ever achieve the greatness his dreams seemed to reveal? Yet with all the obstacles he faced – from pit to prison – he saw his dreams come true. What kept him motivated when devastation met him around every corner? Obviously, Joseph loved God and he wanted desperately to please Him, but there was something more. We close out the book of Genesis with a clue to his relentless motivation. Joseph says to his family, “‘ I am dying, but God will surely visit you, and bring you out of this land to the land which He swore to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob.’ Then Joseph took an oath from the children of Israel, saying, ‘God will surely visit you, and you shall carry up my bones from here.’” (Gen 50:24-25) Joseph’s faith was so strong that he knew without a doubt that he would one day see the physical reality of God’s promise. As a testimony of his faith, his bones are buried in a tomb in the center of the biblical city of Shechem – today called Nablus. The bones of Joseph are waiting for a glorious resurrection! Yeshua said, “…concerning the resurrection of the dead, have you not read what was spoken to you by God, saying, ‘I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob’? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.” (Mt 22: 31,32) It is interesting that Yeshua said, “this was spoken to you by God…” The credibility of God’s word rests on this foundational truth. Yeshua – our Rabbi, our great Teacher – prefaces His rebuke in the Scripture above by saying two things: first, you don’t know the Scripture, and second, you don’t know the power of God. How many of us want both? Why would we resist the very thing that announces to the world the irrefutable proof of God’s existence and the plan of salvation – His resurrection power? If we resist, or worse – are indifferent to – the move of God in the place He chose, how will we ever experience the real power of God? Why was HaYovel established? Because we believe the Word of God is irrevocable. (Rm 11:29) Hundreds of volunteers are coming every year to experience the overflowing power of God – to see the touchable signs of His promises unveiled, firsthand. His people are returning from the exile in droves, and the land is responding by shooting forth its branches. (Ez 36:8) When we see God’s promises coming into fruition, what should our response be? When do we start dancing? Really, when do we start getting excited? When will our hearts become so in tune with God’s heart that our dreams begin to reveal a different narrative for our own lives? Unfortunately, most of the world has no alignment with God’s heart. The sheer hatred for Israel – and especially Judea and Samaria –  only underlines this truth. There is no area of land more contested in the world than the land surrounding Shechem, Hebron, and Jerusalem – or what the secular world would call the “West Bank.” I wrote this blog on Thursday, Dec 22nd after hearing about a threat against God’s promise through a UN resolution 2334 that would delegitimize every community (and every vineyard) in this area. We found out the vote was postponed, but would take place at an undetermined time. Today, we were hit with the undetermined time – about an hour and a half before the vote took place. Legitimate sources told us that the US was planning to abstain and they were correct. Since a veto would be the only thing that would stop this demonic action from moving forward an abstention would be no different than a vote for the resolution. Everyone fully understood the intent of the US and President Obama. For 50 years, the world has challenged the validity of God’s involvement in the miracle of the liberation of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria in the Six Day War. I have yet to find one person who believes it was not a miracle. If it truly was a miracle, then we also must believe that God enabled the miracle. Let’s appeal to our leaders to lay down their fight against God. Any attempt to place ourselves equal with or even above God will always end in our own ruin. Just lay it down.   Like with Joseph, the vision, dreams and actions of HaYovel are wrapped squarely around the eternal promise made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Are you singing like Mary and Zacharias at the thought of this promise being fulfilled? (Lk 1:54, 55, 72, 73) No matter how difficult the road ahead may be, we and so many others are giving our lives for this certainty. As you gather with your family over the next few days, don’t be afraid to share with them what God is doing in Israel – the place of His choosing – for the people of His choosing. Please join us, and if you cannot join us, please consider investing financially. More than anything I’m asking you to invest your time in prayer for us as we literally walk in the uncompromising promise to Abraham – the dreams of the Prophets. Sweet Dreams (חלומות מתוקים) Tommy Waller Founder & President, HaYovel Right now, we are beginning the last week of our CauseMatch campaign. By donating to our campaign, you will be a part of helping us to exponentially increase the work in Israel in 2017. Click Here to make a... Read MoreRead More

Looking Forward to 2017 – Announcing New Events, Programs and Trips

2017 is a big year for Israel. We will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. If God is stirring your heart to connect with Him in Israel, we join our voices with King David, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Zechariah to extend a personal invitation to you. Come! Israel is waiting. Some of you are thinking, “Well, I can’t go, so I guess I can’t participate.” Right now, we need YOU more than ever. Many people all over the world are wanting to come, and we have to prepare for them! You can join this prophetic restoration by giving financially. Without you, the work would not move forward! Please click here to donate to our end of year CauseMatch campaign.  2017 is going to be a huge year for Israel and HaYovel. Below, we’ve outlined the exciting events, programs and volunteer trips that we are planning for the next year. Be sure to read to the end, there’s lots of brand new items! Pruning 2017: We are expecting 100 men from 5 countries to join us on the mountains of Samaria. Our goal is to prune 100 acres of vineyards for 5 different farmers. Israel Weekend Conference: (New!) We are planning a weekend conference in Kentucky during the month of April that will be solely focused on Israel, the work that HaYovel is doing, exciting speakers (possibly from Israel), and more! Our goal is to bring 400 people together for this event. Family Week: Our yearly family conference that is centered around Passover is held in Kenlake, Kentucky, and we annually have 600 people or more in attendance. Expectations for the week are incredible worship fashioned after the Tabernacle of David, rich teaching about family, faith, and Israel, and wonderful fellowship around campfires and playgrounds. Come prepared to be encouraged! Wine and Chocolate Tastings (New!): Between the months of March and August, Caleb Waller and team have plans to conduct 75 wine and chocolate tastings all over the United States! This is one of closest ways to tasting and touching Israel without actually going there yourself. Stay tuned for more information. Speaking Trips: HaYovel representatives will once again be traveling the globe, taking the special message of Israel’s heartland to churches, congregations, and conferences. These places will include the United States, Canada, Australia, and more! Would you like us to come and speak to your group? Send us an invite! We’d love to come! Love and Purity Tour and Concert: Brayden and Tali Waller will once again be traveling the United States, taking the message of love and purity to this generation of young people motivating them to walk in holiness. The biblical path of betrothal shows an ancient and beautiful example of God’s heart for His people. You won’t want to miss Brayden and Tali’s incredible message, intertwined with spirit-filled music. Send us an email and invite them to come and speak to your group! Spring Trip (New!): We have added a 3 week volunteer opportunity from April 25th to May 16th. Our goal is to bring 50 volunteers for this trip. We are excited to give you the opportunity to come to Israel during the most beautiful time of year! Stay tuned for more information soon! Jerusalem Reunification Tour (New!): This is an opportunity like none other. A 2-week trip from May 23rd to June 6th. Join us as we celebrate Jerusalem’s reunification in 1967, celebrate Shavuot, tour Israel’s heartland, and volunteer 1-2 days in the vineyards. This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss! Stay tuned for more information to come! Summer Trip (New!): We are adding a summer 3 week volunteer trip from July 18th to August 8th. This trip is especially geared towards students, teachers, and those who cannot join us during the school year. We would love to have 50 volunteers for this trip. Stay tuned for more information! Heartland Ambassador Intern Program (New to the Public!): We have spent the last two years inviting young men to join us for our 6 month intern pilot program. This year, we are excited to announce that we will be opening up this incredible opportunity to the public. We hope to have 20 or more young men join us. International Advocacy Program (New!): HaYovel plans to establish international advocate programs in New Zealand and South Africa, as well as multiple European countries during 2017. This is a grassroots and effective way to exponentially increase the message of the restoration of God’s Kingdom. Harvest 2017: Our largest volunteer opportunity of the year, this year we hope to bring 500 volunteers together from countries all over the world to participate in the Harvest. With at least 3 different trip options, we have opportunities for everyone, and we look forward to joyously bringing in the harvest together, educating new people about the heartland of Israel, and sending 500 effective ambassadors back to their homes to make a difference for the Land of Israel. 2017 is an extremely significant year for Israel, as the entire nation will be celebrating the reunification of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria – a 50 year Jubilee! The name HaYovel means “the Jubilee” in Hebrew, and we feel that this is an especially significant year for us as an organization. We desire to increase exponentially in the work of God’s restoration back to Israel, and with your help, we can do it! Will you be a part of this work? Please go to our CauseMatch campaign and invest in the Kingdom by donating to the work today.... Read MoreRead More

Press Release: HaYovel to Host Members of Knesset for Inauguration

HaYovel to Host Israeli Delegation in Washington D.C. for Inauguration   (Patterson, MO, December 21th, 2016) – HaYovel is honored to announce that we will be hosting an Israeli diplomatic delegation in Washington D.C. for the inauguration of our 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. The delegation, consisting of MK (Rabbi) Yehuda Glick, MK Sharren Haskel, and our Knesset Representative Tsofia Nahon, will attend a series of events throughout the week accompanied by HaYovel Founder Tommy Waller, to include the inaugural ball, seminars on Capitol Hill, congressional meetings, receptions, and rallies. HaYovel’s Founder Tommy Waller stated: “HaYovel is excited for the opportunity to attend this historic event with Israeli MKs, to encourage further understanding and cooperation between Israel and the US.”  HaYovel is coordinating with additional organizations regarding these events. If you have any questions regarding the Washington details, please direct them to Lydia Taylor at Lydia@HaYovel.com. For media inquiries, please contact Luke Hilton at Luke@HaYovel.com. ABOUT HaYovel is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to strengthen and undergird the often overlooked small independent farmer in Israel through creative networking, education, tourism, and activism. For more information, please visit... Read MoreRead More

CauseMatch Campaign | Limited Time Left to Give

We’re currently at $31,000 of our $180,000 goal, and are halfway through the campaign period. This is an all or nothing fundraiser, which means that we must reach our entire goal by December 31st. We need your help to make this campaign a success. Donations of all sizes make an impact. Many donors giving small amounts are incredibly more effective than a few donors giving large amounts. Click Here to donate today, and remember that every dollar you give is automatically doubled! Together, we can make a difference!  Would you rather mail a check? Just include a note that says “HaYovel CauseMatch”, and we’ll be sure to include it in the fundraiser. Mail a check to:      HaYovel            P.O. Box 19                   Greenville, MO                                            ... Read MoreRead More