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New Release – The Joshua and Caleb Report

Fighter, businessman, husband and father, Ben Goldstein is a true Zionist, living in the hills of Judea. Originally from Memphis, TN, his life’s mission today is to protect others. Those from his community know him as the “one man army.” He can be seen all hours of the day and night, patrolling the streets and hills of Gush Etzion in his “Tom” car, lighting up the night, and keeping others safe. In addition to protecting his family and community, Ben helps to provide much-needed equipment to Israeli soldiers. He is a one man operation that is not connected to any organization. People all around the world have the opportunity to directly support the soldiers of Israel by sponsoring IDF equipment through Ben Goldstein. To sponsor equipment for Israeli soldiers, you can reach out to Ben Goldstein... Read MoreRead More

“No More Fake Moves” (by Tommy Waller)


Thank you! Over 300 people invested in the work of HaYovel through our CauseMatch campaign. This number, no matter how you look at it, is significant. When we began this work almost 14 years ago, it was just me, my wife Sherri, and our 11 children. It was then, after my first visit to Israel, that Sherri and I prayed and knew immediately that our destiny was waiting for us on the mountains of Israel. We saw the undeniable move of God and we could not keep ourselves away. It is not an easy task to shake off the shackles of Replacement Theology. We have, too long, been bombarded with the oppressive message that God’s promises, His actual Word, was eradicated – gone forever. How great our God is, who has done and will do specifically what He said He would! In an age where knowledge and information are abundant, our faith – yes, even our Christian faith – has been been revived with the vivid colors of Restoration right in front of our eyes . . . and it is glorious! 346 people said, “Here am I. I will not be a bystander any more. I am no longer a spectator. I am in the game. No longer ruled by my own interest, my own weakness, I am an overcomer, taking on the identity God established in me before time began, and believing there is hope – not only for me, but for all mankind.” We are about to begin the Pruning Trip, in Israel. Pruning is critical for the vines, as it determines the quantity and the quality of the harvest the next fall. Oh God, as You prune the vines literally spoken into existence for this moment by Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joel and Amos – prune us. Cut off those things which inhibit the quantity and quality of our prophetic harvest. Yes, the prophetic Word which was spoken over all of us when Isaiah – and later our Master Yeshua and His disciples – said in Your Name, “This House (this House where I am standing, this House where I just turned every table, this House which was made a den of thieves, this House in Jerusalem, this house on Mt. Moriah, this House where we prayed in one accord, night and day, and the Holy Spirit fell and the ground shook, this House – My Father’s House, this House) shall be a House of Prayer for ALL Nations.” Time to move – as God is moving, where God is moving. No more “fake moves!” Thank you for investing. We are expecting a great return . . . soon! Tommy Waller President and Founder,... Read MoreRead More

Building Israel’s Heartland One Vine at a Time

Building Israel’s Biblical Heartland. One Vine at a Time If you donate to HaYovel today, each and every dollar you give will be doubled. That’s twice the impact in serving the farmers of Judea and Samaria. When you donate to HaYovel, you help farmers in Israel’s most contested areas increase their production efficiency. That means you play an active role in the biblical dream of Israel’s restoration. You will actively put volunteers on the ground to prune, plant, and harvest the vineyards in Israel’s Heartland. Because of you, Israel’s farms will grow. The desert will bloom. The land will flourish. Go to https://www.causematch.com/en/projects/justpickinggrapes to make your effective donation... Read MoreRead More

The Ultimate Goal – A Harvester’s Story


What are you passionate about? Have you found the vision and calling that God has for your life? What is your ultimate goal? Meet Luke Murphy and hear his story of answering God’s call and being willing to quit his job to come to Israel for the first time. Stepping outside of the typical lifestyle for young men his age, Luke has become a part of something so much bigger and gained a clear calling and a lifelong... Read MoreRead More

Historic Event in the Knesset – Watch Now


History was made within the walls of Israel’s Knesset building this past Monday afternoon. In the Shilansky Auditorium, the “Salute to Christian Zionist Volunteers in Israel” event, hosted by MK Sharren Haskel, was attended by pro-Israel Christian organizations, Knesset members and many other prominent Jewish voices from around Israel. HaYovel, Christian Friends of Israel-Jerusalem (CFI-Jerusalem), Christian Friends of Israeli Communities (CFOIC), and Return Ministries were among those represented. Several key clips from the internationally acclaimed film I Am Israel were shown, including an interview with winery owner Ya’akov Berg from the vineyards of Israel’s heartland. David Kiern, director of the film, shared the heart behind creating the documentary: to correct the false impression of Israel by displaying the miraculous beauty of what God is doing in her midst today. Speaker of the Knesset M.K. Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, M.K. Yehudah Glick, M.K. Robert Ilatov, and M.K. Sharren Haskel graciously recognized the efforts of these Christian organizations who have faithfully stood with the Jewish people in their right to flourish in their own sovereign nation. Sharren Haskel compared these organizations to influential Christian Zionists who changed the course of Jewish history. She stated profoundly, “As we had throughout history [people like] Balfour, Doña Gracia, [and] Raoul Wallenberg, we have you today doing amazing, incredible work.” Tommy Waller earnestly entreated a call to action, “Right now, it’s our responsibility as Christians to strengthen and support the Jewish communities like we’ve never supported them before.” May God strengthen us to fulfill this... Read MoreRead More