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HaYovel · the jubilee · היובל serving Israel’s Farmers God’s deep unfailing love for Israel is well documented in His Word. God speaks through Isaiah with great emotion, “Can a mother forget (or replace) the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.” Seeing and feeling our heavenly Fathers strong emotion towards the people and the Land of Israel caused our own hearts to beat with the same passion. It is this passion that compelled us to establish HaYovel, an organization that is uniting Zionist Jews and Christians to work together towards one common goal – restoration of Israel through the tending of the Land. Now in our 6th year we have enjoyed a bountiful harvest – both physical and spiritual. We have seen the horrible partition that once separated these communities of faith begin to slowly crumble. The deep desire to humbly serve, to heal the wounds of the past, has birthed lifelong relationships in places most would esteem impossible. We invite you, by faith, to leap into the prophetic pages of the Holy Scripture and join us as we sink our hands into the soil of God’s beloved Israel. Experience the incredible restoration of the Land and People God has never... Read MoreRead More

Planting in Judea


Submitted By: Jacob Over the last weeks we spent some time with our farmer friends planting in the hills of Judea, in the land of the Bible! What an awesome thing to be a part of! And we hope many of you are able to come work beside us. But for those of you who can’t join us physically we created a video to give you a little snap shot of what is happening here in the heartland of Israel. The privilege to labor in the heartland of Israel and to bless the farmers who work the land is truly a precious... Read MoreRead More

For Zion’s Sake Tour


Israel and the “West Bank” grab headlines on a daily basis, but how many really have firsthand knowledge of what’s going on there? How would you like to hear from a team of 6 young men who have chosen to spend time over the last 7 years working in a place that is generally considered one of the most “dangerous” on earth? Discover the critical importance of this area – currently called the West Bank, but known in the Bible as Judea and Samaria. Understand the reasons this tiny patch of mostly empty land is so hotly disputed worldwide, and the vital need for Christians to stand up and help defend Jewish claims to this Biblical Heartland. This team – Joshua, Caleb, and Nate Waller, Aaron and Jesse Hood, and Luke Hilton of Tennessee, have served in vineyards and olive groves, witnessing personally the restoration and reclamation of much of this land from the barren wilderness it has remained for 2,000 years! Answer these questions and more as you explore the miraculous history of Israel, and find out the motivation behind the group called HaYovel and its work in the covenant land. The For Zion’s Sake team will be coming through your area on a rare speaking tour. If you would like more information, please contact Joshua Waller at info@hayovel.com or call... Read MoreRead More

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