Nick Parsons

Pruning 2014 – An Amazing Year


To finish the pruning this year, the team spent their last day working in the very first vineyard that was planted in the hills of Samaria nearly 20 years ago. This year was an memorable time, as together, we accomplished above and beyond what we had planned and told the vineyard owners that we would be able to do this year. We were able to prune 90 acres of vineyards for 5 different farmers all over the Shomron! Watch above to see and hear the inspiring testimonies of the men that have seen and experienced the heartland of Israel for themselves. The report is in, and the word is: “We’ve seen and tasted it for ourselves, and the land is... Read MoreRead More

Stories from the Heartland of Israel


Exciting news! We’re currently in the post-production stage of our new Joshua and Caleb Report episodes, and are excited to release a dramatized teaser.   We have a powerful season of stories set to begin airing this May, but we need your help with our post-production process! We currently have a need for $10,000 for help with the editing process. This amount will be used for music composition, footage backup, printing, and distribution costs during post-production. If you want to take an active part in aiding the restoration of the mountains of Israel, you can donate by credit card or paypal below. [add_to_cart item=”DM01″ showprice=”no” quantity=”user:1″ text=”Donate to the Media Department” ajax=”yes” ] Or, you can send a check to: HaYovel P.O. Box 643 Franklin, TN 37065 We are excited to be sharing these amazing stories about the courageous people that are living in the heartland of Israel. Thank you for helping us spread this message of restoration to the... Read MoreRead More

A Word From the Pruners


As the two week trip draws to a close, and many of the men prepare to fly back to their homes, the team here in Israel prepares for the last group of pruners, set to arrive for the final 3 weeks of pruning. The record pace has not stopped, and we continue to be amazed at how much we have been able to accomplish together. The men here truly do have a heart for the work. Watch the latest video to hear the voices of men from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and the United States as they share their experiences in the land of... Read MoreRead More

Pruning 2014 on the Ground


This pruning video was filmed about a week ago, and since then, the team has made even more extraordinary progress, finishing our first two vineyards, and working steadily through the third. God has blessed us with an amazing group of men of valor this year, coming from North America, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. We have been amazed this year at each man’s zealous heart to prune, which builds our anticipation of a bountiful harvest. This is the last pruning before the Shmittah (sabbatical) year, and our desire, along with the vineyard owners, is to put forth our best. With God’s blessing, we will bring in a triple harvest this year! It’s not to early to begin making plans to join us this fall – and with a triple harvest, we’re going to need your help! Registration will be opening soon, but begin thinking about it... Read MoreRead More

Next Up – Pruning Grapes in Israel

Pruning Registration is Now Open! We’re issuing the call to all valiant men for service in the vineyards! The work to be accomplished is greater than ever, and the farmers need all the hands that are willing to come and participate; there is no limit! This year’s pruning is extremely important and exciting, as it is the last pruning season before the Shmittah (seventh) year begins. Biblically (see Exodus 23:10-11 and Leviticus 25), Harvest 2014 is promised to produce triple-fold the fruit that it usually does. When this happens, the pruning season is even more important. For this reason, we are putting forth the call for 100 men to join us on the mountains of Samaria to experience an amazing time of iron sharpening iron, allowing HaShem to prune our own hearts, and participating in one of the most amazing things that is happening in the world today: being a vinedresser on the mountains of Samaria. We have five trip options available to help with pruning grapes in Israel, which are listed with the costs below: Trip Dates:                                   Trip Costs:   8 Weeks: Jan 28 – Mar 25             $2,200.00 5 Weeks: Jan 28 – Mar 4               $1,650.00 3 Weeks (1): Jan 28 – Feb 18        $1,150.00 2 Weeks: Feb 18 – Mar 4                 $800.00 3 Weeks (2): Mar 4 – Mar 25         $1,150.00   Request your application now to begin your journey of a lifetime – a journey to the Heartland of Israel!   We look forward to experiencing an amazing time of fellowship, pruning grapes in Israel, and restoration on the mountains of Samaria, the Heartland of... Read MoreRead More