The Crazy State of the World’s Democracy – Podcast

Israel held elections again this week, and while the voting brought different results, the stalemate that has locked the country in interim for the last year may still prevail. How does a democratic state have those within their government who collaborate and support their enemies? Find out on today’s show. Joshua and Luke give you the results of Israel’s third election in less than a year. The Arab party is now the third largest in Israel’s government, with several of their members known to have collaborated with Israel’s enemies. For the second time since the Deal of the Century came out, Jared Kushner has stated that the peace plan seeks to stop the expansion and growth of Israel’s settlements. This time however, he went a bit farther, stating that the growth of Israel’s settlements is one of the problems to peace in the middle east. Listen to today’s show to find out more. Listen via Spotify Listen via Apple... Read MoreRead More

Peace Plan or Not, Don’t Build Homes In Israel (Special Interview) – Podcast

An unofficial building freeze is happening in Israel’s biblical heartland. Even though the “Deal of the Century” has not been implemented, and even rejected by the Palestinians, Israel is restricting the growth of new apartment buildings in Samaria due to what they are perceiving as pressure from the United States. Stay tuned for a special interview towards the end of the show with Chaim Margolis, the leading administrator of Har Bracha. Listen via Spotify Listen via Apple... Read MoreRead More

Arrested in the Holiest Spot on Earth…For Walking Too Slow – Podcast

Former Member of Knesset Rabbi Yehuda Glick was arrested while on the Temple Mount this week. His crime? Walking too slow. Election time, round three in Israel. Find out how politics are different in Israel, and why the country is heading to elections for the third time in 10 months. Does God show favoritism when it comes to Israel? For more positive truth from Israel’s heartland, make sure to subscribe to our channel! Listen via Spotify Listen via Apple... Read MoreRead More

The UN’s Dirty Dozen List As Compared to Nazi Germany – Podcast

When the UN releases a dirty dozen list, and 94 out of the 112 businesses on the list are Jewish, one has to be at least a little suspicious. We have news for the UN – this is not 1933, and we are not in Nazi-controlled Germany. Listen to today’s show for a positive voice of truth from Israel’s heartland! Listen via Spotify Listen via Apple Podcasts... Read MoreRead More

The World’s Acceptance of a Murderous Peace Partner – Podcast

Adolf Hitler did not initially say he wanted to kill the Jews, but it is well known that the Palestinian Authority does want to annihilate Israel. The Deal of the Century states that they want to work with the PA as a partner for peace, but who is worse, Hitler, Hamas or the Palestinian Authority? Truth be told, the PA is responsible for killing more Jews than Hamas. We’re coming to you with a voice straight from the front lines of where the Deal of the Century is attempting to negotiate a deal. But will there really be peace when dealing with a regime whose charter has sworn to obliterate Zionism? Tune in to today’s show to find out. Listen to this week’s... Read MoreRead More