While Palestinians Hate, Jews Save Lives (Story)

While Palestinians declare their hatred for Jews, those same Jews are saving the lives of their Arab brothers. Joshua and Luke relate two personal stories this week that they experienced that clearly highlighted the opposite ends of the spectrum of this love-hate relationship. A 17 year old Jewish girl named Rina Schnerb was tragically murdered in Samaria this week by an explosive device that was detonated remotely. Even in the midst of tragedy, a Jewish family that joined the HaYovel volunteers in picking grapes for a day declared that the times of the Messiah and redemption are here. Special guest of today’s show is Aaron Hood, a brother and also the drummer for the I Believe music video! Please make sure to like, follow and share on whichever platform you prefer to listen! To find out more about how you can volunteer in Israel, go to www.ServeIsrael.com. Listen to the... Read MoreRead More

Do US Congresswomen Support Terrorism in Israel?

Did you know Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar’s trip to Israel was sponsored by an organization that supports terrorism? The Palestinian Authority decided to fire all of their aids rather than stop paying terrorist salaries. In the meantime, Israel is finally taking steps to treat Judea and Samaria like the rest of Israel, including expanding their transportation and road systems, and they have plans to bring half a million more people to live there! Today’s show finishes with an interview with Rabbi and former Knesset Member Yehuda Glick from www.shalomjerusalem.org. Partial music in this episode is by Bryan Atkinson, original game and media composer. You can find out more about Bryan’s work at bryanatkinson.productions.   Listen to the... Read MoreRead More

The Nations Are In The Vineyards Of Israel

Israeli wineries are standing firm against the threat of the BDS movement, most recently coming from the Canadian government. US Congresswomen are visiting the Palestinian Authority in Israel – do you think they should be banned from entering the country? The nations are here in Israel repenting for the 9th of Av and the atrocities committed over the centuries. The record for Jews visiting the Temple Mount was broken, and a high ranking government official declared that Jews should be allowed to pray there! This, and many, many nations are in the vineyards of Har Bracha this week!   Listen to this week’s... Read MoreRead More

New Homes for Arabs & Jews – Who Does the UN Condemn?

We are looking for your feedback! What kind of music do you like on the show? Listen today for all of the different options. A brave soldier in Israel was killed by Arab terrorists on Thursday. The PA unleashes a building frenzy in an attempt to take over Judea and Samaria. UN condemns 6500 new Jewish homes that were approved, but not the 700 new homes that Israel approved to be built for the Arabs. Also today, a special story from Lilliana Spence, all the way from Washington State. This, and much more in today’s episode of the Joshua and Caleb Report podcast. Want to help us out? Please share this episode with 5 of your friends who would enjoy listening.   Listen To This Week’s... Read MoreRead More

Israeli Wine – Not Made In Israel?

A Canadian judge recently made an anti-semitic and inconsistent ruling about certain wines made in Israel. Will Americans and Canadians submit to this Jew-hatred that is so prevalent in our times? The right wing party has finally united ahead of September elections, Netanyahu has made a very positive statement about the biblical heartland, and a live update from the Golan Heights. This week marks new music, new graphics, and an updated vision for the Joshua and Caleb Report podcast. Please make sure to like and follow on your favorite podcast platform! Listen to this week’s... Read MoreRead More