Christian Zionism & the Founding of Israel

This week, on the Joshua & Caleb Report, Joshua is joined by his wife Katelyn to discuss Christian Zionism. While in Jerusalem recently, they were asked by some Jewish people…’Who are you? What type of Christian are you?’ They answered ‘We’re Christian Zionists!’ and this episode was birthed. Listen and learn of four Christian Zionists who served, supported and stood by the Jewish people from the Ten Boom Family, to the hymn writer of It Is Well With My Soul to the men who stood behind Theodore Herzl. Plus, an invitation to put hands and feet to your Christian Zionist beliefs! All this and more on this week’s episode of the Joshua & Caleb Report.   Listen... Read MoreRead More

Tisha B’Av, the Destruction of the Temple, & Samaria’s Birthday

On this week’s show, Luke jumps on for a quick & engaging update from the US after just having attended CUFI’s (Christians United for Israel) annual summit after being on the road for a month. Next, Joshua shares the news from Israel. Samaria council celebrates 40 years! Netanyahu attends the celebration & shares his views on Samaria during his speech. Finally, Zac Waller joins Joshua to explain about Tisha B’ Av or the 9th of Av and the destruction of the Temple. What is this fast day about that Israel observes and why should it matter to Christians? Join them for a historical & spiritual look at this day in history and much more on this week’s edition of the Joshua & Caleb report! Listen... Read MoreRead More

The Rise & Fall of Nations, Celebrating America, & the Booming Grape Harvest

Could the rise and fall of great nations be connected to their treatment of Israel and the Jewish people? Nate Waller joins Joshua in Israel to discuss the history of Babylon and the British Empire. As we celebrate the 4th of July and America’s Independence, how will America go down in the books regarding its treatment of Israel and the ‘Deal of the Century’? This, plus airport conversations Joshua had on his flight over, the booming harvest that is almost upon us from the prime weather conditions the grapes have had during the last months, and an invitation to come harvest these prophetic grapes! This, and much more on today’s episode of the Joshua and Caleb Report podcast.   Listen... Read MoreRead More

The Deal of the Century for the Rejectionist Palestinians

The economic portion of the peace plan has been published, and even though it focuses 100% on assisting the Palestinian people, the Palestinians are the only ones who have already rejected the plan! The workshop in Bahrain this week seemed to be somewhat successful, except for the fact that the PA boycotted the event. Ambassador David Friedman has hinted at Israel having to give up portions of land in Judea and Samaria in the new deal. Also Luke brings you a report from hearing President Trump speak – someone who has accomplished more for America and Israel than any president in recent history. This, and much more on today’s episode of the Joshua and Caleb Report podcast.   Listen... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: Bahrain Peace Talks, Trump Heights, & the Miracle of Hebrew


Peace talks will happen at the end of June in the country of Bahrain. They’re calling it a workshop, but guess who isn’t invited and guess who is boycotting this historic event? On the Golan, Israel is building a new community which they have named “Trump Heights” in honor of President Trump and his recent recognition of Israel’s right to the Golan Heights. Finally, the miracle of Hebrew! Special guest Brayden Waller joins Joshua to talk about the rebirth of the Hebrew language. Be inspired as you learn from Brayden the how’s and why’s of this modern day miracle. Laugh along with them as they recall Brayden’s radical pursuit of learning Hebrew and funny moments on the journey to fluency.   Listen via... Read MoreRead More

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