Repenting in Love – Zac Waller on the Heartland Connection

Listen to the Heartland Connection on the weekly Torah portion, plus a special segment on Rosh HaShanah and this season of the biblical feasts! This week on the Heartland Connection: Repenting In Love During these days of awe, may we understand God’s love so much that we cannot help but run to Him and away from everything... Read MoreRead More

Treasured or Hated? | Zac Waller

God says that the Jewish people are “high above all nations which He has made, in praise, in name, and in honor”. Is God showing favoritism? Check out Zac Waller’s podcast this week on The Heartland Connection! Listen on SoundCloud: Or watch on... Read MoreRead More

Zac Waller | Judge Me Please!?

Listen to Zac’s weekly podcast on The Heartland Connection as he shares powerful insights, inspiring stories and motivating lessons! This week’s podcast on Parashat Shoftim: Judge Me Please!? Do you think positively or negatively about judges and officers? Why? Listen on SoundCloud: Or watch on... Read MoreRead More