Zac Waller – Faith


Listen to Zac Waller’s weekly podcast on The Heartland Connection: THIS WEEK: FAITH We live in a culture of confusion. Everyone is doing their own thing and arguing that they are right. How do we find the truth? Or watch on... Read MoreRead More

Zac Waller – Betrothal


Listen to Zac Waller’s podcast this week titled Betrothal.  Is our culture against “being fruitful and multiplying” because they have only experienced and seen broken and dysfunctional families? Is there a better way? Would God command us to do something that would not bring us blessing? Listen on SoundCloud: Watch on... Read MoreRead More

Zac Waller: Sukkot in Jerusalem!

This week’s podcast is loaded with inspirational content! Zac dives into his personal experiences in Jerusalem during Sukkot, the last Torah portion of 5777 and the first portion of 5778! Listen on SoundCloud: Or watch on YouTube:  ... Read MoreRead More

Zac Waller – Trust and Atonement

Tune in this week on the Heartland Connection and listen to Zac’s podcast on Yom Kippur, Trust and Atonement What does it mean to be atoned for? Does the “greater exodus” include an aliyah for the nations? Also, you can watch it on... Read MoreRead More