Podcast: Breaking News from Hebron Ending International Interference


On this week’s podcast of the J&C Report, Joshua and Luke are on the air together over 6,000 miles apart. Luke recently returned from a speaking tour to Arizona and Joshua is on the ground in Israel with the 2019 pruning team. This week’s big news is an announcement from Prime Minister Netanyahu ordering the TIPH (Temporary International Presence in Hebron) group expelled from Hebron. TIPH (and several other similar groups)have been operating in the Hebron area for the past 25 years with anti-semitism and extreme bias against Israel. This bold and much-needed move resulted from an intense incident this past week where a TIPH member slapped a young boy in the Jewish Quarter of Hebron. In his announcement, Netanyahu stated, “We will not allow the presence of an international force that operates against us.” Tune in to this week’s show to hear the latest on what is happening in the heartland and stay connected with Israel!  ... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: Facts on the Ground: Answering Questions About the Settlement Movement

On the show this week we have Joshua Waller and Nate Waller with a live report from the vineyards of Israel.

How much do you know about the settlement movement? There sure are a lot of opinions and facts flying around in the world of news and media. And many times it is hard to discern the difference! In this week’s podcast, Joshua and Nate discuss the importance of the agricultural development of Israel and share the history, facts, and stories behind the resettling of central Israel – from 1967 until today.

If you have found yourself confused in the past – either wondering why agriculture is so crucial to Israel’s restoration or looking for a conservative, Bible-believing perspective on what is really going on in the “West Bank”, this episode is for you!

Podcast: Snow & Hail, Planting Trees, & Another Jewish New Year

This week’s show is packed with information and exciting updates. Luke starts off with a couple of news items, including how Florida is cracking down on AirBnB. All the way from snowy, rainy, windy Israel, Joshua is joined by Zac to bring you the first update from Pruning 2019, as well as a holiday you’ve more than likely never looked at before – Tu BiShvat.

There is lots of content in this week’s show, so be sure to listen all the way through, and then help us by liking and sharing with all your friends!

Podcast: Water and Blessings – Why Join in 2019?

Israel is getting a deluge of rainfall, with December being a record setting month. But is it solving their water crisis? Also not surprisingly, Israel is leading the world in water reclamation and desalination.

In a world full of darkness and evil, it is even more important for Christians to support Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria? Listen to a few of the reasons why the Heartland gives us hope, and an opportunity to be a part of the restoration of God’s Kingdom.

Podcast: Resisting “Irresistible”, and the Latest Wave of Replacement Theology

With the second largest church in America, Andy Stanley’s latest teachings are taking the Christian world by storm. However, a closer look reveals that his teachings are not rooted in Scripture, and follow the age old pattern of Replacement Theology and Anti-Semitism.

Also in today’s show is the latest ground breaking news from Israel, including the formation of a new party, and well known writer Caroline Glick’s announcement to cast in her lot!

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