The King is in the Field – Podcast

We are nearing the end of the month of Elul on the biblical calendar, which means we are approaching Rosh HaShana – also known as Yom Teruah. The King is in the field, and we don’t want to miss Him! Joshua and Luke give a quick update on HaYovel and the elections in Israel before turning the show over to Luke as he interviews AnaRina Heymann from Align with Zion. She has incredibly inspirational insights into the month of Elul, the biblical calendar, the feasts days, and Jerusalem. You can connect with AnaRina here. Listen to this week’s... Read MoreRead More

Israel Elections Explained – Round 2

Results from the elections in Israel are in, and officially, things are at a stalemate. A closer look however, reveals that Netanyahu may have a better chance at continuing his legacy than originally thought. Alternatively, Israel may head to elections for the third time in one year. Joshua and Luke give you all of the details in this week’s show, including a map that gives 90% of Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians. What will our response as Zionist Christians be? Listen to this week’s... Read MoreRead More

Annexation & Elections – The Full Scoop On Current Events In Israel

Netanyahu promised to apply sovereignty to the Jordan Valley immediately if elected, and eventually to the settlements in Judea and Samaria. Joshua and Luke lay out what this means for Israel, what could potentially happen when the Deal of the Century is released, and the task that Christian Zionists have before them. Also, on this week’s show is the full scoop on what is happening with the Israeli elections, which are happening on September 17th. Please make sure to like, follow, and share on whichever platform you prefer to listen! To find out more about how you can volunteer in Israel, go to ServeIsrael.com.   Listen via... Read MoreRead More

No Barking Allowed – From Lebanon, or the Palestinians

Top level leaders in Israel’s government say it is time for sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, with a focus on Hebron, where the cave of the patriarchs is located. Elections in Israel are less than two weeks away, and attention on Israel’s Biblical Heartland is high. The prime minister, president, speaker of the Knesset, and many Knesset members all visited Hebron this week and made strong statements of solidarity. Meanwhile, there is trouble on the border of Lebanon, and the current silence is deafening.   Listen via... Read MoreRead More

While Palestinians Hate, Jews Save Lives (Story)

While Palestinians declare their hatred for Jews, those same Jews are saving the lives of their Arab brothers. Joshua and Luke relate two personal stories this week that they experienced that clearly highlighted the opposite ends of the spectrum of this love-hate relationship. A 17 year old Jewish girl named Rina Schnerb was tragically murdered in Samaria this week by an explosive device that was detonated remotely. Even in the midst of tragedy, a Jewish family that joined the HaYovel volunteers in picking grapes for a day declared that the times of the Messiah and redemption are here. Special guest of today’s show is Aaron Hood, a brother and also the drummer for the I Believe music video! Please make sure to like, follow and share on whichever platform you prefer to listen! To find out more about how you can volunteer in Israel, go to www.ServeIsrael.com. Listen to the... Read MoreRead More