Election News & The Deal of the Century


Israeli elections have been changing week by week, with the left forming a new party recently. Donald Trump’s “Deal of the Century” is causing quite a storm, with Jared Kushner revealing several details of the U.S. led peace plan to an Arab TV network. By all evidence, the plan seems to include giving away parts of the Biblical Heartland. Stay tuned for how you can take your stand with God’s land and people in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria. Listen now on... Read MoreRead More

Podcast: More Than Just Dirt – The Miraculous Soil of Israel

Join us on the show this week for your news report coming straight from the Heartland of Israel! It’s an intense season right now for Israeli politics. Some things really shifted this week and we have some good news to share about the upcoming elections.

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Have you ever wondered why God would have chosen such a hot rocky, desert-like Middle East landscape as the Promised Land? It actually hasn’t always been this way!

Joining us on the show today is Nate Waller – he has done some extensive study and research on the land of Israel, specifically the soil, and its history over the last 2,000 years. Topics on the show this week include:

  • Proof that Israel was once a land of forests and lush grassland
  • Where did all the trees and wildlife go?
  • Where did all the topsoil go that was once on these mountains?
  • How land reclamation in Israel differs from any other country
  • How God is performing a miracle, but it is one that people must be involved in
  • How Israel-lovers from other countries can make a difference

Podcast: Wake Up with Boots on the Ground

Time to Wake Up and Get Boots on the Ground


Join Joshua Waller and Luke Hilton on the show this week for news coming straight from the heartland of Israel. The nation of Israel is mourning over a most horrific terror attack that happened this last week. Has the world grown numb to this epitome of evil, briefly condemning it and then apathetically returning to carefree lives? How can we make it different this time?Even amidst this tragedy, Joshua and Luke bring to light the positive news as well. New 2019 statistics are in from the government that point ever more to God’s faithfulness. Things are changing – one pair of boots on the ground at a time!

Podcast: Tense Politics and Samarian Speculations

Join us this week on The Heartland Connection!

Joshua & Nate Waller are back this week on the Heartland Connection. Ever heard of a year having 13 months? This year is a leap year in the Hebrew calendar and the 13th month is just around the corner. Josh and Nate explain it on today’s show and reveal the significance behind it.

The political climate in Israel is growing charged as spring elections approach. What are the results of the recent polls? What are people speculating the new government will look like? How will this affect Judea and Samaria and the Jewish pioneers who call this place home?

Podcast: Breaking News from Hebron Ending International Interference


On this week’s podcast of the J&C Report, Joshua and Luke are on the air together over 6,000 miles apart. Luke recently returned from a speaking tour to Arizona and Joshua is on the ground in Israel with the 2019 pruning team. This week’s big news is an announcement from Prime Minister Netanyahu ordering the TIPH (Temporary International Presence in Hebron) group expelled from Hebron. TIPH (and several other similar groups)have been operating in the Hebron area for the past 25 years with anti-semitism and extreme bias against Israel. This bold and much-needed move resulted from an intense incident this past week where a TIPH member slapped a young boy in the Jewish Quarter of Hebron. In his announcement, Netanyahu stated, “We will not allow the presence of an international force that operates against us.” Tune in to this week’s show to hear the latest on what is happening in the heartland and stay connected with Israel!  ... Read MoreRead More

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