Divide Israel & Face the Consequences

Divide Israel & Face the Consequences By Luke Hilton July 24th, 2020 – 3rd, Av, 5780 There’s no doubt that former US National Security Advisor John Bolton has made some waves in the last several months. Whether or not you love or hate him regarding the highly controversial release of his recent book, which in many ways bashed President Donald Trump, Bolton made a statement this week that I actually agree with. In an interview with Israel’s Army Radio on July 21st, Bolton said: “Personally, I would go ahead and do it [apply sovereignty in Judea and Samaria]….I think the next few months are an optimal time for Israel to act in its own national security interests.” Bolton said that Jared Kushner is one of the main people opposing unilateral action from Israel regarding sovereignty. Kushner is one of the main architects of the US administration’s middle eastern peace plan, often called the “deal of the century.” Even though Jewish, Kushner appears to have large interests in seeing a Palestinian state established alongside of Israel, a move which would be near suicide for Israel. In his interview with Israel’s Army Radio, Bolton also said:  “I think there’s obviously a disagreement. Jared is still trying to sustain his peace plan, and he’s worried about unilateral action or American recognition of unilateral action.” Many Israelis and much of the Jewish world were disappointed when on July 1st nothing happened regarding the application of sovereignty. This was the first possible date cited as to when Israel could advance legislation in their government to move forward the issue of sovereignty. Those resting their hopes on the date were highly disappointed. Jason Greenblatt, Jared Kushner’s former partner in the crafting of the “deal of the century,” is a strong advocate for a future Palestinian state in Israel’s current territory. He is also adamant that the Palestinians have to meet a strict criteria to merit such a state, which includes giving up their cause of murdering Jews, something which is not likely to happen anytime soon. Also in an interview with Israel’s Army Radio this week, Greenblatt said that a declaration of sovereignty from Israel had to be linked to “a commitment to set aside a certain area of land for the eventual, potential Palestinian state.” He continued, “There’s a lot of criteria before the Palestinians become a state, if it ever happens. I think that’s what differentiates the plan we released from some of the past efforts. There are things that have to be solved before you begin a discussion on what a Palestinian state should look like.” It is clear that the architects of President Trump’s peace plan oppose Israel applying sovereignty to parts of Judea and Samaria without the full approval of America and a commitment to setting aside land for a future Palestinian state. The question Israel should be asking themselves, however, is – do they need America’s approval to apply sovereignty within their own country? Whilst the world debates the application of sovereignty in the biblical heartland, there is something else quietly happening in Judea and Samaria that is little known internationally. The European Union is funneling millions of dollars into Palestinian building projects in Area C, land in Judea and Samaria which is under Israel’s full jurisdiction under the Oslo Accords. Just this week, the EU launched another project with the Palestinian Authority financing illegal construction in Area C. The funding for this project tops 17 million dollars, and violates decades-old deals reached with Israel. Under the Oslo Accords, Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria are divided into areas A, B, and C. Area A is under Palestinian Authority civil and security control, and it is illegal for Israeli citizens to enter. Area B is territory that is under the PA’s civil control, but under Israel’s security jurisdiction. Finally, area C is under Israel’s full control and is where many of the Jewish settlements are located. No matter how you look at it, Palestinian building projects funded by the European Union in area C are 100% illegal. While Israel debates the application of sovereignty with the international community and the EU funds illegal buildings in Israel’s territory, COVID-19 rages on in Israel and the United States. Here in Israel, there is a growing discontent with the regulations that Israel is trying to impose on its citizens in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus. At the moment, the Coronavirus Committee established by the Knesset has overturned several regulations that the government attempted to put in place. The Knesset is now in the process of passing a law that would allow them to put any regulation they see necessary into place without the committee being able to overturn it. To be honest, I’m worried about America as leading US officials continue to push for Israel to commit to establishing a Palestinian state. We’ve clearly laid out in previous articles here at the Heartland Report about how many disasters in the United States are directly linked to America’s call for Israel to divide their land. I have no doubt that the current upheaval and the upsurge in COVID-19 are the direct results of the efforts to divide Israel yet again. Regardless of how pro-Israel the current US administration is and how good the “deal of the century” might be, calling to divide the land of Israel goes against Scripture. The results for America can only be disastrous. It is time for us to stand even stronger. Make sure you find yourself on the right side of the fence when it comes to Israel. Do you support Israel’s right to sovereignty over their entire... Read MoreRead More

Special Harvest Announcement

Special Harvest Announcement by Luke Hilton July 17th, 2020 – 25th, Tamuz, 5780 This week’s article will be a little out of the ordinary. When COVID-19 first struck, we were all hopeful that the restrictions would only last a short time and the world would return back to normal soon. It didn’t. More than half of our staff got stuck in the United States, and to date, they are still unable to return to Israel. Just like all of you, we have no idea when Israel’s borders will open to foreign travelers again. The Heartland Report is produced by HaYovel, a ministry based in Israel’s heartland. For sixteen years, HaYovel’s mission has been to serve Israel’s farmers. We have added programs, branches, and platforms over the years such as the weekly Heartland Report and the Joshua and Caleb Report podcast and TV show. Our core values, however, have never changed. To serve Israel’s farmers, we have brought more than 3,000 volunteers from more than 30 countries to plant, prune, and harvest the vineyards of Judea and Samaria every year for the last sixteen years! When COVID-19 struck, many organizations were able to pivot, create new projects, bring in new revenue streams, and not only survive, but thrive during these last six months. For HaYovel, however, our ministry is not just about thriving and bringing in revenue. It is a mission to serve the land and people of Israel. To enable them to thrive. To prosper. To grow. And they have! Thanks to all of you who have joined us for volunteer programs during the last decade, many of the farms here in Samaria have grown more exponentially! This year, however, the farmers are worried. Very worried actually. Let me tell you a story that happened just last week. Just before Shabbat (Sabbath) started here in Israel last week, I was helping my family clean the house when I happened to glance north across the valley. I quickly realized that there was a large cloud of smoke rising from the middle of the vineyards that are located right next to our facility. Huge flames were just feet away from one of the vineyards, and the wind was blowing that direction! We quickly gathered our small team of staff guys and drove down to the vineyard to help. Thank God, by the time we had gotten there, the farmer had just finished putting the fire out, risking his own life by driving the tractor and mower directly on top of the flames. After the fire was out, we began chatting with this farmer, whom we had not seen in a while. We began to ask about the harvest this year, since he owns and manages the largest amount of vineyards that we pick grapes for. It soon became clear that he is very worried about this year’s harvest. He said he is in deep, deep water, and he really has no idea how the grape harvest will happen. He relies on HaYovel volunteers to pick most of his grapes every year. He is exploring every possibility available to get his vineyards harvested this year, but prospects are unknown, to say the least. This particular farmer is only one out of many who don’t know how they will harvest their grapes this year. They’re all worried about the situation. If you are familiar with HaYovel, or have visited our website (www.ServeIsrael.com), you have probably noticed that our volunteer programs have remained open despite Israel’s borders being closed. That’s because we have been holding out hope that something will happen and Israel will allow foreigners into the country by the time the harvest begins. However, we are finally facing the writing on the wall. Unless something miraculous happens, all of our fall 2020 programs will not be taking place. Whenever Israel does open up, never fear. Our volunteer programs will open as soon as possible, and we’ll keep on serving Israel’s farmers more than ever! How will this year’s harvest happen? To be honest, we’re not sure. We have a very small team of staff here in Israel. We can assure you, if it comes down to it, we’ll be out in the fields every day during August, September and October picking grapes. However, we can only do so much. We’re also exploring every option available, along with the farmers, and we’ll definitely need your help, even if you can’t physically be here this year. The prophet Jeremiah said, “You will again plant vineyards on the mountains of Samaria, the planters will plant, and eat them as ordinary food.” (Jeremiah 31:5) The prophet Amos also said, “They will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them. They will plant vineyards and drink their wine; they will make gardens and eat their fruit.” (Amos 9:14)  For the first time in 3,000 years, these prophecies are coming true in the land of Israel! Many of you have been a part of it over the last sixteen years. COVID-19, and the borders of Israel being closed, will not stop God’s word from coming to pass. Together with your help and God’s favor, the harvest will happen. Please keep praying for Israel and HaYovel. The harvest is... Read MoreRead More

Meet Our Staff: Zac & Becca Waller

Up this week in the “Meet Our Staff” series: Zac and Becca Waller Zac Waller was born in Kentucky and raised in the hills of Tennessee. He found his life calling on the mountains of Samaria in the heartland of re-born Israel. At the age of thirteen, he dedicated his life to the God of Israel and professed Yeshua (Jesus) as his Lord and Savior. Little did he know that this commitment would lead him to a thriving vineyard on the Mount of Blessing in Samaria. It was there, during the grape harvest of 2007, that the call was made clear––Almighty God was resurrecting the land and people of Israel, and the nations needed to participate! That following year, in recognition of his managerial giftings that had blossomed while farming with his family in Tennessee, HaYovel’s Board of Directors voted Zac to be Director. After six years of much growth and success, Zac was promoted to the position of Executive Director. In the spring of 2012, Zac married Becca and they are now the proud parents of four lion-hearted boys and two beautiful little girls. >> Support Zac and Becca and their family as they serve in Israel. In addition to his leadership in HaYovel and family responsibilities, Zac is regularly hosted on the weekly Joshua and Caleb Report Podcast as well as being a public speaker, author, and teacher sharing stories, insights, and thought-provoking teachings from Scripture that are a beacon of light to many around the globe. Zac has a great passion for worshipping his Creator through music and song. He began leading worship at his congregation at the age of 15. The Waller family and friends have produced several albums. Zac is most known for his songs and music videos Israel, You’re Not Alone and Restoration.        Becca is an amazing mother to their six children, faithfully supports Zac in his role as Executive Director, and fills various roles during volunteer seasons, including planning and set-up for special events and serving as HaYovel’s Executive Decorator. Zac and Becca are dedicated to walking with, equipping, and undergirding God’s people in the nations, empowering them to serve the God of Israel, bringing about the restoration of all things! By supporting Zac and Becca, you will enable: The vision and service of HaYovel to continue in the heartland of Israel in a powerful and effective way under Zac’s direction and guidance. Hundreds of volunteers each year to have a life-changing experience in Israel’s heartland as they come here to work and volunteer on the mountains of Samaria. The powerful truth of Israel’s restoration and the call for all nations and cultures to discover how they can get involved to reach around the globe through books, teachings, videos, articles, podcasts, and more! New songs, music albums, and music videos! Click here to join Zac & Becca’s personal support team   Check out Zac’s new 30-day devotional just published this spring and hot off the presses! It is no longer possible to ignore the incredible things that are happening in Israel. The question remains: “Is this the hand of God at work? How does this affect me as a Christian? I thought that the Church replaced Israel?” Zac’s new book is a 30-day devotional digging into the prophetic things that are happening in Israel and laying out a biblical perspective on what the response of Christianity should be. >> click here to buy on sale... Read MoreRead More

Hamas and the Ezekiel Twist – Podcast

140 American Jewish leaders have called to block a move toward annexation in the West Bank. Israel has declared a complete lockdown just for the hours of the Passover seder, restricting Israelis to staying inside their homes from Wednesday afternoon until Thursday morning. A Hamas leader in the Gaza strip is ready to blame Israel for the Coronavirus, and even takes it a step further by quoting Scripture at Defense Minister Naftali Bennet. However, it looks like he has taken Ezekiel 17 very much out of context. What is the deeper meaning to Passover and Unleavened Bread? Isn’t a “feast of unleavened bread” kind of like a meatless barbeque? Tune in today to find out. Listen via Spotify Listen via Apple... Read MoreRead More

Touching the Apple of God’s Eye

70% of the world’s cases of the Coronavirus are located in countries who actively supported President Trump’s “Deal of the Century” or alternatively, rejected it on the basis that it was not good enough for the Palestinians. Today’s show lists multiple times when US leaders have tried to divide the land of Israel, and experienced a natural disaster as a result. Don’t believe it? Listen to the facts for yourself. Israel is in the midst of their own battle for democracy and truth. There has still been no resolution on a government coalition, and the Speaker of Israel’s Knesset recently resigned in a protest of their Supreme Court’s infringement on the Knesset’s standard practices and bylaws. Partial music in this episode is by Bryan Atkinson, original game and media composer. You can find out more about Bryan’s work at bryanatkinson.productions. Listen via Spotify Listen via Apple... Read MoreRead More
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