You Can Learn the Language of Hebrew!

Have you ever wanted to learn modern conversational Hebrew? Or know how to read your Bible in its original language? You’re invited to join us this winter for our annual Hebrew course! Watch this video to catch a glimpse of what it’s like and hear from past students about their experience learning Hebrew with HaYovel. Classes are offered on-site at our campus in Missouri. Online courses are available too. Click HERE for more... Read MoreRead More

Unearthed – The Discovery of Joshua’s Altar

Joshua and Caleb Waller are back with tour guide Aaron Lipkin for this final episode of The Joshua & Caleb Report – Season 4. Accompanied by an Israeli Defense Force escort, they venture up the mountainside of Mount Ebal (the Mount of Cursing). They have come to explore a groundbreaking archaeological discovery that has been unearthed in recent years – the stone altar that Joshua and the children of Israel built when they first entered the Promised Land over 3,200 years ago. On their trek up to the altar, Aaron shares the incredible story of Adam Zertal, an atheistic professor who led the excavation project and, because of his findings, came to believe in God. Joshua’s altar is now a key site both biblically and historically, and its discovery stands as an undeniable claim for the Jewish people to the heartland of this... Read MoreRead More

What Happens When Ordinary Meets Extraordinary?

Announcing a brand new short film, entitled “What Happens When Ordinary Meets Extraordinary – Right Before Our Eyes”. In this latest short film, Britt Waller (from BDS or the Bible) returns in this latest tale of Wyatt returning from his first trip to Israel. When questioned by his friend (Havah Waller) about his trip, he just cannot put his experience into words, until he relives the moments of the trip through a different lens. The difference in his perspective, is to say the least, extraordinary! We are entering our short film in the “Inspired by Israel” video contest, and the voting starts today! You can watch the video, and cast your vote for us by clicking here. Voting only goes from now until August 13th, and at the close of that time, the top 10 videos with the most votes will then go to the judging period. To make it to the judging period, we need all of your help to vote for our video! Head on over, and cast your vote now! Then, help us out by sharing the video with all of your friends and family.   WATCH THE NEW... Read MoreRead More

“If God Makes a Promise . . .” – Emanuel Mercieca’s Story

Meet Emanuel, a Christian volunteer from Malta with an inspiring story and an engaging personality. Emanuel visited Israel as a tourist over 20 years ago and promised himself that he would one day return.  This year, he fulfilled that promise, not only of returning to the land of Israel but by experiencing the incredible restoration that God is bringing about in this holy land right before his eyes – a restoration that fulfills another promise, one made by... Read MoreRead More