NEW Joshua and Caleb Report – Mud on the Mountain


Join Joshua and Caleb Waller in the mountains of central Israel as they spend the day with Baruch & Batya Erdstein, a pioneering couple living in the community of Itamar in Samaria, Israel. Once world travelers, Baruch and Batya now call Israel home and are raising a family in the small, hilltop community right where their ancestors lived 3,000 years ago. They own a pottery shop called “Botz Ha’har” (translation is “Mud on the Mountain”) where Batya fashions stunning handcrafted ceramic dishes and decorations that each incorporate the unparalleled beauty, ancient history and miraculous story of the Land of Israel. Don’t miss this episode – you’ll love it! Batya’s ceramics are available for purchase online and can be shipped right to you! Go to BlessedBuyIsrael.com to start shopping.... Read MoreRead More

NEW Joshua & Caleb Report Episode!

Join us for this new episode of The Joshua & Caleb Report and meet Sondra Baras, the founder of Christian Friends of Israeli Communities and a pioneer in the modern establishment of Judea and Samaria. Sondra recounts her personal story of how she came to Israel between high school and college to study in Jerusalem and soon found herself a part of the settlement movement working to expand army camps, start communities and build houses. In the years following, she began to travel the world as an advocate for Judea and Samaria, connecting with Christians and realizing that many people from the nations are excited to support the restoration of the land in any way they can. Sondra is now the founder and director of CFOIC, an organization with a mission to educate Christians from around the world about Israel and give them an opportunity to make a difference in the prophetic Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria. Don’t miss this new episode!... Read MoreRead More

New Music Release – Psalm 117

We are so excited to have the first song finished, of the Hallel Psalms! (Hallel psalms = Psalms 113 through 118.) It has been many years in the making, but we are now closer than ever to having the entire recording project complete. We wanted to give you a little window into the project by sending Psalm 117 for you to enjoy. This chapter is the shortest of all in the Bible, yet it carries a big message. The words “His merciful kindness” are used to translate the Hebrew word “chasdo.” This word is one that is very difficult to translate. One suggested definition of this word is “when the one who owes you nothing gives you everything.” Another way this word is translated is “covenantal loving kindness.” Biblical “chesed” is when someone in authority and power makes a covenant with someone lower and then shares power and position with them. This is the reason we praise Him! He has reached down to be in covenant with us and share His power! Though the translations vary in how they render the Hebrew word “gavar,” we decided to use “Has overcome us.” Of all the options, this one best captures the sheer power of the mighty love of God. His love overcomes us and transforms us! An especially amazing thing about these psalms is that they were sung by Yeshua after the Passover meal He shared with His disciples. “And when they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives.” The hymn they sang was the Hallel that has been sung during Passover, throughout the centuries. May the great love of Yeshua be known to you during this Passover season, Brayden Waller Stay tuned for the release of the full Hallel Psalms coming soon via CD and digital... Read MoreRead More

The First Settlers, Joshua and Caleb’s Tombs | The Joshua and Caleb Report

Join Joshua and Caleb Waller, along with Rabbi Ari Abramowitz, as they visit a little known Arab village in the heart of Samaria at 1:00 AM. They are searching for the graves of their namesakes, and more importantly, the message that the great men buried there once lived. Is that message still alive today? Were the Joshua and Caleb of the Bible the first Israeli settlers? Come along for this exciting, and out-of-the-ordinary episode as Joshua and Caleb visit the tombs of the renowned heroes of our faith who gave the good report of the land of Israel to their... Read MoreRead More