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Deleting Israel from the Bible Equals Jew Hatred

When the word “Israel” is deleted from our Bible, we should be concerned. This week, it was reported that the Danish Bible Society removed the word “Israel” from their new translation of the Bible. They claim that the move was purely logistical, but it is clear that this is an act of anti-semitism and replacement theology.

On today’s episode of the Joshua and Caleb Report podcast, we discuss the new Danish Bible translation as well as other acts of blatant Jew hatred.
The Palestinian Authority government seems only too glad to receive handouts from Israel, including free training for their medical staff and free equipment to help them in their battle of COVID-19. When Israel gave them a ½ billion shekel loan to boost their economy however, the PA turned right around and started giving the money to convicted terrorists.

Tune in to today’s podcast to find out all of the latest news from Israel:

  • Israel’s brand new government that is neither liberal nor conservative
  • A 30 day devotional entitled “Christians Meet Israel”
  • The 100 year anniversary since San Remo, the conference that should have prevented the Holocaust

And much more . . .

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