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For Zions Sake

Submitted By: Luke H & Joseph T


“There’s a battle raging, over a people and a land. Will you rage with the nations, or will you stand and say, ‘I believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?”

This time that we’re currently living in is no insignificant time. The Psalms are coming true in that the nations are beginning to rage against the nation of Israel, and the percentage that are willing to stand up for truth is greatly in the minority. The reports that you are hearing about Israel are many times inaccurate and exaggerated. This is why we want to bring you a first hand report.

Our volunteers are currently in the land, doing their best to bless the physical land of Israel through their service.  Upon their return to North America they will be eager and ready to share about what God has been doing in His land with His people at this time.

HaYovel is in the midst of planning an imminent road-trip that will cover the southern United States Coastline going as far as Texas.


The second For Zion’s Sake Tour is here! Our purpose for this trip is to raise awareness as to what the truth is about the nation of Israel. This fiery team of young men will be enthusiastically sharing from the Scriptures about the amazing things that God is doing in the land of Israel today.



December 3rd through December 31st, Joshua and Nate Waller, Christopher Johnson, Joseph Tradd, Aaron Murphy, Matthew Cey, and Zach Reddekopp will be heading out from Nashville, TN with a message for anyone who will open their door to hear. These are the states that they will be traveling through:

Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas.



Further information will be released next week, but we want to begin planning now. If you are interested in having the team come and speak, and you are in one of the states mentioned above, shoot an email to Luke at luke@hayovel.com or call 615-538-5957. And be sure to watch this blog for more updates!


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