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For Zion’s Sake Tour


Israel and the “West Bank” grab headlines on a daily basis, but how many really have firsthand knowledge of what’s going on there?

How would you like to hear from a team of 6 young men who have chosen to spend time over the last 7 years working in a place that is generally considered one of the most “dangerous” on earth?

Discover the critical importance of this area – currently called the West Bank, but known in the Bible as Judea and Samaria.

Understand the reasons this tiny patch of mostly empty land is so hotly disputed worldwide, and the vital need for Christians to stand up and help defend Jewish claims to this Biblical Heartland.

This team – Joshua, Caleb, and Nate Waller, Aaron and Jesse Hood, and Luke Hilton of Tennessee, have served in vineyards and olive groves, witnessing personally the restoration and reclamation of much of this land from the barren wilderness it has remained for 2,000 years!

Answer these questions and more as you explore the miraculous history of Israel, and find out the motivation behind the group called HaYovel and its work in the covenant land.

The For Zion’s Sake team will be coming through your area on a rare speaking tour.

If you would like more information, please contact Joshua Waller at info@hayovel.com or call 615-538-5957.