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Huge Pile of Grapes

Submitted By: Jacob

To date, HaYovel harvesters have picked a whopping 240 tons of grapes! Already, last year’s record harvest has been doubled, and the harvest is not over yet!

The impact of this year is greater than ever, and the farmers struggle to find adequate words to thank our teams for the substantial efforts they are putting forth. When the team moves into a vineyard and cleans an entire row of vines of its grapes in just minutes, it is quite impressive! And in a matter of a few hours ten tons of grapes (or more) are harvested!

Many of the Israeli people who meet the HaYovel teams are amazed and touched by the sacrifices many team members have made to come and volunteer their time to love and serve the heroic farmers in the Heartland of Israel!

Grapes must be picked exactly at their peak in order to get the correct sugar content. The flexible Hayovel harvesters make it easy for the farmers to pick the grapes at the exact right time, which creates a better end product!

The harvesting teams are many times up very early in the morning, eating breakfast and departing for the vineyards before daybreak. The harvesters take pride in a job well done and trust that the Father in Heaven will be glorified by their efforts!

Just last week, the harvest teams had a record day in which they picked 21 tons of grapes! This is the largest amount the HaYovel teams have ever picked in a single day! The work day started well before daylight and ended after dark. When the harvesters finally came home to a big spaghetti dinner, all were tired out but many wore grins on their faces, proud of the day’s accomplishments.