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Israel Memorial & Independance Day Celebration

Israel Memorial & Independance Day Celebration
Sunday, April 14th at 3:00pm

We want to remind everyone that the biggest miracle in 2000 years will be remembered this year starting at sundown on Monday, April 15th, and continuing through the following evening until sundown on Tuesday. On the fifth day of Iyar, in the year 5708 on the Hebrew calendar (or May 14th, 1948 on the Gregorian calendar) the nation of Israel was established. Since then, the nation of Israel celebrates the prophetic miracle each year according to the Hebrew calendar (which explains why it is not always on May 14th).

Memorial Day always precedes Independence Day in Israel, so beginning Sunday night April 14th at sundown, the nation will remember those who fought and died to bring about this great wonder of wonders. For Memorial Day, we would recommend finding good articles about Israel’s War of Independence and reading them to your family. One site you can go to is www.historama.com.

If you are a family or congregation that celebrates other feast days with Israel, like Chanukah or Purim, then you should be gathering to celebrate this miracle as well. We believe the modern-day establishment of the State of Israel exceeds even the miracles of Chanukah and Purim. The world has never seen anything like this!

We are planning a big celebration here in Franklin, Tennessee.
Please join us on Sunday, April 14th at the Greenbriar Community Center in Franklin, TN:
5964 Greenbriar Road, Franklin, TN
We will begin at 3:00pm with a time of fellowship. Bring finger foods and beverages to share.
We will have an exciting line-up for the evening with lots of fun, finishing the evening off with fireworks! If you have any questions, please contact Aaron Murphy at apmurphy@hayovel.com or (615) 686-9601.

Again, if you can’t come be with us in Franklin, please consider hosting your own celebration. (If you need ideas, one way Israel celebrates is by holding a National Bible Quiz!)

We would all love to be in Israel for this great event, but if we can’t be there, let’s all remember and celebrate the miracle.