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More Than Just Planting Grape Vines? Jeremiah Says Yes


The Call of the Prophets

What do you do when you read a prophecy that is 3,500 years old, and yet, it is telling you to do something physical? Sometimes propecy is not only meant to be taken as a spiritual application. Sometimes, it is calling those who believe in God’s Word to put their feet on the ground, pull their gloves on, and do something action-oriented for the Kingdom.

In Israel, the Jewish people look to the prophets as their guide in resettling the Land. When Joel and Amos speak of restoring the Land, rebuilding ancient ruins, and of wine dripping from the hills, they take these words quite literally.

Many of the people who we work with in Israel have similar stories – they were ordinary people, living ordinary lives in a city or suburb somewhere in Israel. One day, they heard the call of the prophets. They realized that they could be a vital part of God’s redemptive plan for the restoration of Israel. Many of them stepped out in faith, and it is we who are privileged to work with these heroes of Israel, and at the same time, be a part of the prophetic message of old.

So I challenge you today – will you say yes to the prophets that spoke God’s call to action so many years ago? Will you plant a vine, harvest grapes, stand on the mountains of Israel, pray for the peace of Jerusalem, or empower others to do so? Whatever God is calling you to take part in, start today, and DO IT! Put your hands and feet where the prophets of old walked. Stand with the nation of Israel today.