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Nate Waller & Katie Hilton Wedding

The guests gathered, the friends of the bride and bridegroom encircled them, and we waited. The first night passed uninterrupted. In the morning, people scurried about here and there, making last minute preparations. In the distance, we heard a faint cry. As we perked our ears, it became clearer… it was the shofars!! The bridegroom was coming today!! Right now! We had 1 hour! Glory!!

Oh my, we thought we were ready, but now we had to get everybody dressed and fix hair and head coverings. We made it up the hill within minutes of the 10 o’clock hour. Everyone was buzzing around, beautifully attired for the wedding – hugging, greeting and smiling. No sorrows today; the bridegroom is coming!!!

Katie was escorted from the Hilton suburban by her distinguished father and mother, her sisters and all our girls, having talked and laughed long into the night. Her linen dress was beautifully adorned with a hand-stitched belt with grapes and vines embroidered all in white. The sisters sang in excited anticipation, “Ode Yeshama” (A Song Shall Be Heard), from Jeremiah 33:11 and many other familiar songs.

A gasp went up as we saw a white stallion in full gait through the leafless trees. Nate was on the move and couldn’t get there fast enough. Katie broke away from the crowd and advanced toward her bridegroom. Nate jumped off the horse and grabbed up his waiting bride!! The moment was locked in time… all the discipline, self-control, and trust was worth it! The two were now together forever.

A wagon load of musicians followed the bride and groom, celebrating the parade to the chuppah. The couple stopped under Nate’s tallit, draped atop four saplings held up by his brothers. In the chilly morning breeze, Tommy and Brayden welcomed the couple and guests and taught about radical faith that requires our whole heart – and gains great reward. We cannot hope to obtain the prize without the fight.

The final jewel on the day took everyone by surprise. Nate moved to the mic and began to sing acapella, “I Pour My Love On You.” The tenderness of his love, with his bride securely in his arms, was overwhelming. Katie softly sang with him. We were all undone. Thank you, Father, for such innocent, untainted love.

Grateful Mother,