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Next Up – Pruning Grapes in Israel

Pruning Grapes in Israel

Pruning Registration is Now Open!

We’re issuing the call to all valiant men for service in the vineyards! The work to be accomplished is greater than ever, and the farmers need all the hands that are willing to come and participate; there is no limit!
This year’s pruning is extremely important and exciting, as it is the last pruning season before the Shmittah (seventh) year begins. Biblically (see Exodus 23:10-11 and Leviticus 25), Harvest 2014 is promised to produce triple-fold the fruit that it usually does. When this happens, the pruning season is even more important.
For this reason, we are putting forth the call for 100 men to join us on the mountains of Samaria to experience an amazing time of iron sharpening iron, allowing HaShem to prune our own hearts, and participating in one of the most amazing things that is happening in the world today: being a vinedresser on the mountains of Samaria.

We have five trip options available to help with pruning grapes in Israel, which are listed with the costs below:

Trip Dates:                                   Trip Costs:


8 Weeks: Jan 28 – Mar 25             $2,200.00

5 Weeks: Jan 28 – Mar 4               $1,650.00

3 Weeks (1): Jan 28 – Feb 18        $1,150.00

2 Weeks: Feb 18 – Mar 4                 $800.00

3 Weeks (2): Mar 4 – Mar 25         $1,150.00


Request your application now to begin your journey of a lifetime – a journey to the Heartland of Israel!


We look forward to experiencing an amazing time of fellowship, pruning grapes in Israel, and restoration on the mountains of Samaria, the Heartland of Israel.