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History & Prophecy

Submitted By: Jacob


“Again I will build you, and you will be built, O virgin of Israel…

You shalt yet plant vines on the mountains of Samaria” Jer 31:4-5


When we come to the mountains of Samaria and see Israeli farmers working hard to prepare the rocky soil and plant grape vines we of course ask the question, ” Why are you doing this?”


The answer that we hear from them is that God has put in them a love for this land and that the prophecies such as Jer 31 give them direction in how to carry out this love.



Before the harvest came into full swing we had the chance to plant vines on the mountains of Samaria just like the prophecy says. This truly is a place where PROPHECY MEETS REALITY!



We are very privileged to be able to come alongside these heroic farmers and help them in their desire to settle this land and seek and desire what the great men of the Bible desired and sought after, the restoration of this covenant land!


It is not by our own strength or the strength of the heroic farmers that this land will be restored, it is by the strength of the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. This same God instills in us an excitement and an urgency to walk out our love for this place and this heroic people.



It was not easy work but it was a ton of fun!


Preparing the land and irrigation was just the start. The we dug holes for the plants and gave them a new home in the already watered, moist soil.



These plants are now growing roots in this soil where so many of the great men of the Bible walked. This is also a place where Biblical HISTORY BECOMES A REALITY!



The short video below highlights what it takes to plant vines in Samaria!