The Joshua and Caleb Report – Episode #8


This week’s episode continues the story of Avraham the shepherd from Kfar Tapuach (trans. “Apple Village”). You will have the special opportunity to hear from Avraham’s heart as he tells the story of his family’s experiences in the land, and of the struggles and trials that have strengthened them over their years of living in... Read MoreRead More

Spectacular Harvest in Progress!

Shalom to all, from the vineyards of Israel! As we hit the one week mark since the harvest kick-off, we are already seeing records broken – both with the unprecedented number of harvesters and also the amount of grapes coming in from the vineyards. Our previous one-day record was shattered as we brought in 26.952 tons... Read MoreRead More

The Joshua and Caleb Report – Episode #7

Avraham was born during World War Two in the heart of New York City. Growing up, he did not have a connection to the Bible or the Land of Israel, and was more interested in driving BMW motorcycles and Ferari race cars. When he was 23 years old however, he bought a ticket on a... Read MoreRead More

The Joshua and Caleb Report – Episode #6

If you were inspired by the first episode with Erez Ben Sa’adon, this next edition will leave you hanging onto the edge of your seat. Erez’s stories of God’s goodness and faithfulness are encouraging and challenging for all!   If you’ve been encouraged by the stories of the courageous people living in the heartland of... Read MoreRead More