Israel You're Not Alone – Official Music Video!


Following in the footsteps of I Believe, HaYovel’s next music video is one that follows a slightly different path than its predecessor, and transcends doctrine by raising up Christians from all over the world, who make their own declarations by standing with Israel.   With the turmoil currently happening in Israel, Zac Waller was recently inspired... Read MoreRead More

The Joshua and Caleb Report – Episode #5


Want to know what a difference one visit to summer camp can make in the heart of a young boy? Yonaton Behar was originally from the United States, but moved to Israel as a young man, after one life changing summer planted the seed. His family became one of the original settler families that moved... Read MoreRead More

New Song! "Israel You're Not Alone"


With all the turmoil going on in God’s Holy Land, Zac Waller was inspired to write a song.  A music video is in the works!  Your donations help us create pro-Israel videos and songs like this.  Be encouraged and make a stand for Israel! Free Electronic Press Kits from ReverbNation.comRead More