The Joshua and Caleb Report – Episode #2


The Joshua and Caleb Report – Episode #2 – The Chocolate Factory He went from working as a pastry chef in Colorado to owning an organic, boutique chocolate factory just next door to Hebron. The story of Joe’s journey will inspire and challenge you! Spread the word! Send the Joshua and Caleb Report to the world by... Read MoreRead More

HaYovel Speaking Tour in Tennessee!

  This July a HaYovel speaking team will be touring the state of Tennessee! Our mission is to share the good report from the heartland of Israel, similar to what Joshua and Caleb in the Bible returned with from spying out the land. Our goal is to connect the Volunteer State to the volunteers in the... Read MoreRead More

The Joshua and Caleb Report – Episode #1


We are extremely excited to announce – The very first Joshua and Caleb Report episode is here!!   We know that you will be just as inspired by David Rubin’s story as we were. Gather your friends and family, make a batch of popcorn, and take time out to listen to the heart of one valiant... Read MoreRead More