The Joshua and Caleb Report Video Trailer


Announcing the release of the official Joshua and Caleb Report video trailer! The full length episodes are being edited and scored now, and we are extremely excited to see them coming to fruition. The first episode will be released very shortly, so hang onto your seats! In the meantime, spread the word by showing the trailer or the teaser to... Read MoreRead More

Pruning 2014 – An Amazing Year


To finish the pruning this year, the team spent their last day working in the very first vineyard that was planted in the hills of Samaria nearly 20 years ago. This year was an memorable time, as together, we accomplished above and beyond what we had planned and told the vineyard owners that we would... Read MoreRead More

Stories from the Heartland of Israel


Exciting news! We’re currently in the post-production stage of our new Joshua and Caleb Report episodes, and are excited to release a dramatized teaser.   We have a powerful season of stories set to begin airing this May, but we need your help with our post-production process! We currently have a need for $10,000 for... Read MoreRead More

A Word From the Pruners


As the two week trip draws to a close, and many of the men prepare to fly back to their homes, the team here in Israel prepares for the last group of pruners, set to arrive for the final 3 weeks of pruning. The record pace has not stopped, and we continue to be amazed... Read MoreRead More