Harvest 2011 Complete

Submitted By: Sherri Empty apartments, neatly stacked cot bags, appliances and sleeping bags tucked away in a warehouse, and hearts stuffed full of rich memories marks the end of Harvest 2011. The harvesters have returned home with a whole new family of friends from around the world. The camaraderie and sense of fulfillment in participating... Read MoreRead More

Make Your Stand!


  “I Believe” is a song that crushes the barriers of ideological differences. The foundation of an eternal righteous plan for the redemption of the whole earth begins with a special covenant to a specific people in a specific land. In the millenniums following this promise men have sought to alter, to distort, and even... Read MoreRead More

For Zions Sake

Submitted By: Luke H & Joseph T   “There’s a battle raging, over a people and a land. Will you rage with the nations, or will you stand and say, ‘I believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?” This time that we’re currently living in is no insignificant time. The Psalms are coming... Read MoreRead More

Huge Pile of Grapes

Submitted By: Jacob   To date, HaYovel harvesters have picked a whopping 240 tons of grapes! Already, last year’s record harvest has been doubled, and the harvest is not over yet!     The impact of this year is greater than ever, and the farmers struggle to find adequate words to thank our teams for... Read MoreRead More

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